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I over boiled some venison broth earlier...

It was deerly mist.

The teacher brings some venison to school..

She says this is a different meat, it's something your mom calls your dad…

A voice from the back screams don't eat it it's asshole!!

I've just been offered 8 legs of venison for £25

I think it's too deer

Venison joke, I've just been offered 8 legs of venison for £25

What's a hunter's least favorite Bon Jovi song?

Bad Venison

Just been offered 8 legs of venison for £70.

Is that two deer?

A man starts a line of pickled venison ...

...the most popular flavor so far is dill doe.

How do deer get revenge?

By giving each other a taste of their own venison

Venison joke, How do deer get revenge?

I told my wife I was making venison for dinner..

She said "oh, deer"

Did you hear that Bon Jovi got food poisoning after eating that deer?

I guess you could say he had some Bad Venison

The Butcher offered me 8 legs of venison for only $10!

But for me, it was still 2 deer.


This evening, some bloke approached me outside the pub and offered to sell me 8 legs of venison for £200. I thought, is that too dear?

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A friend of mine is selling pretzels made from venison if anyone is interested.

Don't worry about the price. It's knot deer.

I bought 8 legs of venison for £10 yesterday

Is that two deer

How would you journal a day on the toilet after eating venison?

Deer Diarrhea...

I switched from eating pheasant to venison recently....

absolute game changer

I'm no expert

I was in the local butchers and they had on offer 8 LEGS OF VENISON FOR $88.
Now I'm no expert but I reckon that's two deer

Venison joke, I'm no expert

Just been offered 8 legs of venison for $40

Is that too dear?

What did the vegan say to the venison butcher?..

... is this deery free?

What do you call a "Sloppy Joe" sandwich made of venison?

Sloppy Doe.

Got 8 legs of venison for $40. Is that two dear?

What do you call a kebab made from venison?

Donner kebab

I went to the shop to buy eight legs of venison...

But it was two deer.

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