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  1. Did you hear that Bon Jovi got food poisoning after eating that deer? I guess you could say he had some Bad Venison
  2. A friend of mine is selling pretzels made from venison if anyone is interested. Don't worry about the price. It's knot deer.
  3. I'm no expert I was in the local butchers and they had on offer 8 LEGS OF VENISON FOR $88.
    Now I'm no expert but I reckon that's two deer

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Venison Deer One Liners

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  1. I over boiled some venison broth earlier... It was deerly mist.
  2. I've just been offered 8 legs of venison for £25 I think it's too deer
  3. Just been offered 8 legs of venison for £70. Is that two deer?
  4. How do deer get revenge? By giving each other a taste of their own venison
  5. I told my wife I was making venison for dinner.. She said "oh, deer"
  6. The Butcher offered me 8 legs of venison for only $10! But for me, it was still 2 deer.
  7. I bought 8 legs of venison for £10 yesterday Is that two deer
  8. How would you journal a day on the toilet after eating venison? Deer Diarrhea...
  9. Q: Where in L.A. can a deer hunter find does in season year round?
    A: Venison Beach
  10. I went to the shop to buy eight legs of venison... But it was two deer.
  11. I guy tried to sell me some venison for £25 Do you think that's to deer?
  12. I was going to buy some Venison the other day... but found it was a little deer.
  13. I wanted venison for dinner But my wife said it was a little deer.
  14. What do you call a deer run over by a Formula One car? Venison Fittipaldi!
  15. Is venison deer? No really.
    Only paid a couple of bucks.

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