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What do vegetarian zombies say?


What should vegetarians eat for protein?



What did the cucumber say to the cabbage when they got kidnapped by the tomato?

Lettuce go

Vegeta joke, Vegetables

My new vegetarian girlfriend cooked me a meal.....

My new vegetarian girlfriend cooked me one of her favourite dishes last night.

"What are these little round things", I asked.

"Have you never seen a chick-pea before?", she said.

"Of course I have, my last girlfriend was up for anything, but that doesn't answer my question".

When a vegetarian turns into a zombie, what does it eat?

Coma patients.

What does a vegetable get in bowling?


If 2 vegetarians argue...

... do they have beef?

Vegeta joke, If 2 vegetarians argue...

A vegetable walks into a bar...

Just kidding, he'll never walk again.

What did the vegetables say at the garden party?

Lettuce turnip the beet

Vegetarians have been screaming, "Save the Animals!" for years.

If they were really interested in animals, why do they keep beating a dead horse?

I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals..

I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants.

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What vegetable likes to party?

A turn-up

Vegetarian curry is like lesbian sex.

Same amount of heat, none of the meat.

Why was the vegetable store robber embarrassed?

He got caught taking a leek

What is the best vegetable delivery vehicle in the world?

An ambulance

If two vegetarians are arguing

Is it considered a beef?

Vegeta joke, If two vegetarians are arguing

What vegetable is the favourite of British people?


Q: How many vegetarians does it take to eat a cow?

A: One if nobody's looking.

In the vegetable and fruit aisle

Me: Hi, are these carrots genetically modified?
Clerk: No, why do you ask?
Carrot: Yeah, why do you ask?

[OC] Are vegetarians allowed to have pudding?

If so how can they have pudding if they don't eat their meat?

A vegetarian girl told me I looked familiar...

But I was certain that I hadn't met herbivore.

If vegetarians eat vegetables

What do humanitarians eat

Why did the vegetarian hate giving blow jobs?

She was a lesbian.

Why do vegetarians give good head?

Because they're used to eating nuts.

What did the D.J. say to the Vegetable Farmer?

Lettuce turnip the beet.

Why did Vegeta name his son Trunks?

...find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

If two vegetarians get into a fight, would it still be called a beef?

Not sure, depends on what's at steak.

Why are the vegetarians silent during sex?

Because they are shocked by the pleasure they can get from a piece of meat.

A vegetarian was very angry with her son, who became a butcher.

She's got a lot of beef right now.

A vegetable joke:

One day, Mr. Lettuce and Ms. Kale got into a fight over who wears green better. Ms. Kale looks at Mr. Lettuce and says, "I will kale you" and Mr. Lettuce says, "Lettuce fight"

What vegetable is the best at fighting?


Name a vegetable that's kind of cool.


Becoming a vegetarian...

.....Is a big missed steak

"Have you seen my vegetarian girlfriend?"

"No, I have not seen herbivore."

"No thanks. I am a vegetarian."

is a fun thing to say when someone hands you a baby.

What does a vegetarian science teacher study?

Cole's Law.

Why are vegetarians never involved in Any drama?

They can't stand beef

What do vegetarians say at a rave?

Lettuce Turnip the Beet

My vegetarian friend

My vegetarian friend believes that animals don't deserve to just die for our food, and she always lectures everybody about it. One day, I caught her having a Carribean takeaway, which was clearly chicken, so I did what she would've done and started going on about how that chicken didn't deserve to die just for her dinner.
She then said,
"If the menu said 'kind chicken' or 'loving chicken', then I wouldn't be eating it, but it says right here- 'Jerk chicken'".

What vegetable shouldn't go on a boat?

A Leek!!

I don't think I could be vegetarian.

It would be a big missed steak.

Which vegetable does everyone hate whether they admit it or not?

Kim Jong-un

My vegetarianism is the same as my heterosexuality

I'll stick by it until I'm shown a good enough sausage

Did you know Vegetarian is a Native American word?

It means Lousy Hunter

I am Native American and this joke has been told to me a couple of times. Thought I'd share.

What does a vegetarian zombie eat?


What does a vegetarian zombie say?

Grains! Grains!

Why couldn't the vegetable marry the fruit?

Because it was cantaloupe.

I want to know, if vegetables are so good,

why are vegetarians always trying to make them taste like meat?

Q: What did the Vegetarian Preacher say to his church?

A: Lettuce pray!

What vegetable do you need when you get a flat tire?


Which vegetable tells us how old a taxi is?


What do vegetarian zombies eat?


What vegetable grows best in a whorehouse?


How does a vegetable pee?

With its brussel spout

Did you know some vegetables are nevee transported by sea?

Because having a leek in the boat would be very bad.

What does a vegetarian zombie eat?


What vegetable is the best singer?

Corn, because it's always in hominy.

Are vegetables required in every sentence?

Not nececelery

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