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Why don't they sell aspirin in the rainforest?

Because it would be economically unviable to market a pharmaceutical in such a vastly unpopulated area.


Fix the joke - A physicist and his coffee

A physics professor was a horrible caffeine addict - he never went anywhere without a full coffee cup. He was notorious amongst his students for having an obvious tell on what would be on his exams. Any time during lecture he got excited, he would inevitably spill his coffee on the floor. As a result, his students vastly outperformed the other physics 101 classes.

It became such a problem that the head of the physics department called this professor into his office.

"Why are you always spilling your drinks and giving away exactly what you'll be testing? You're screwing up the grading curve, and the janitorial staff is breathing down my neck."

"It can't be helped."


"You should know better than most. The coffee gets me excited, and sooner or later it has to the ground state."


What sentence is vastly shorter after you remove one word from it?

Child porn


Frankenstein enters a bodybuilding competition...

...and finds he has vastly misunderstood the objective.


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