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I made a program to generate puns, but I stored them in the wrong type of variable

No pun int. Ended

How do you introvert a variable?

You get it by itself.

What do you call a clingy, moody scientist?

A dependent variable

What did the programmer say to the variable?

Well, I do declare.

A man flirts with a mathematician

"Imagine you are a variable and your clothes are constants, and then you derive."

"Well, I would be naked but I would also have fewer curves."

A programmer made a Virtual Titanic.

It worked flawlessly until he made his last variable:

float = none

What is your favourite variable?

I'm not sure, It's always changing.

Variable joke, What is your favourite variable?

'I Love You' is a mathematical function

'I Love You' is a mathematical function where,

'I Love' - is constant and ;
'You' - is a variable..

Professor: What is an independent variable? Student: A variable who don't need no man

Two smart jokes

What does a scientist call it when they're A/B testing and they find a third variable?
An emergent C

What element do British people like early in the morning?

My friend asked what to do when the variable and number are next to each other in algebra.

I responded "They multiply"

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What is a drummer's favorite variable when making a Least Squares Regression Line (LSRL)?

The y-hat.

what do you call a number that can not stay still?

A variable

Welcome to the Tornado Zone

Population: Variable

What's the best naming prefix for a global variable?


Why is the "n" variable used so many times in alegebriac equations?

You guessed it right.

Variable joke, Why is the "n" variable used so many times in alegebriac equations?

How do you describe a mathematician's day-to-day work?


statistical joke

I walk up to you and ask
"What's the statistical probability that I could call your mama to divide her median interval??"
It takes you a second, but you realize that there's no variable to that question cuz she's all about my p-value!!!!!!

In light of all this recent controversy and chaos, thought this slightly racy joke would cheer people up!

Q: How do you starve a (race variable) man?

A: Put his food stamps in his work boots!

I came up with a really dumb math joke.

So a variable walks up to an exponent and says, "Hey, can you help me find my value?"

The exponent responds, "Parabobly."

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