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Two electricians are standing on a ladder leaned against a utility pole...

...when an elderly lady was passing below them. One of the electricians calls her.

\- Excuse me, ma'm! Could you pass us that wire, so we don't have to climb down?

\- This one, young man?

\- Yes, that one! Thank you so much, ma'm, you're very kind!

\- No problem, dear!

After the lady passed him the wire, and left, the electrician tells his mate:

\- See, Fred? I told you this was the neutral wire, but no, you had to insist that it was the phase line!

What do you call a utility knife that doesn't work?

A futility knife.

When batman doesn't use his utility belt

Its just a waist of equipment

What kind of pictures does Shaun Connery take?


alt. What kind of pictures do fish take?


alt. What do hermit c**... call their utility bills?

Shell Fees

alt. Why did my wife leave me?


I am surprised to see my college degree finally has some public utility


Why do economists love sewage treatment plants?

Because they are a utility.

I think women have a better vocabulary than men...

Because they understand that it's the utility of the word and not it's length that really matters.

Utility joke, I think women have a better vocabulary than men...

What is a rabbi's favourite Windows utility?

Snipping tool.

What do you call a truck made of stone?

A stat-ute, mate.

(Ute is Australian slang for utility vehicle)

Why do you never hear a sailor counting to 10?

Because they're more interested in fishing, sailing etc./ No pragmatic function for that distinct linguistic utility.

A man was offered a chair when he met for an interview at Public Utility Net Inc.

"thanks but I don't need your chairity"

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The GOP should change their stance on the internet utility bill from "obamacare of the internet" to...


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