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The Best Us Election Puns

Why i love being Russian

I get to vote in the US election

FYI: I am actually British and never have stepped foot in Russia

Why isn't NSA mass surveillance a hot topic in the US elections?

Because it's the only part of the govt that listens to the American people.

I kinda want Hillary to win the US election

Just for the sheer irony of her sitting at the desk Monica was under.

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but after the US election results from last night, I need help creating a new dating website. It will help desperate American men and women find love in Canada.

It'll be called ehHarmony

I went to the local library

And found out that the post apocalyptic section has been shifted to current affairs after the us elections 2016

Pyongyang launches nuclear missile following end of US election

Just kidding, thought I should lighten the mood a little.

What's the difference between news of the US elections and Madeleine McCann?

News of the elections is getting old.

I'm sorry, you'll have to come back later. Satan's out for a week.

He's rigging the US Election for an old friend.

If the US elections were a series, what would be the title of it's latest season finale?

Orange is the new black.

Heard the one about the Russian hacker meddling in US elections?

The FBI agent monitoring your phone is going to love it!

Imagine they make a comedy movie about the 2016 us election in 2116...

The funniest part would be "Based on a true story"

Evidence found of millions of Facebook posts by foreign agents trying to influence US election. After finding out it was all the illegal immigrants the democrats quickly lost interest in pursuing it

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