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We all know what happens when you put Tinder on your Kindle.

But what happens if you create a game with Scratch and upload it to Itch?

How many 12 year old girls does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

11; 1 to actually put the lightbulb in, and the other 10 to take hundreds of pictures and upload them to Facebook.

I tried uploading the Brazil v Germany game to pornhub...

But it was reported and removed after being flagged as r**...

I tried to upload the Brazil vs Germany game to pornhub...

But they removed it for r**...

Parents are worried about two things these days

1. What their sons download

2. What their daughters upload

I tried uploading my s**... tape to PornHub.

They told me to try Vine.

So i uploaded this sick new video to Youtube...

Yeah, it went viral

Upload joke, So i uploaded this sick new video to Youtube...

Error 404

It's been a while since I've seen a good 404 joke. I was going to upload one but I couldn't find any.

What do you call it when you soak a thumbdrive in v**... and shove it up your keister...

an upload.

What do you call a grandpa who couldn't understand why his email wanted to upload his attachment to share it?

An old man yelling at the cloud

I tried to upload the COD: Infinite warfare trailer to pornhub

But they don't accept r**....

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Your momma is so fat...

Your momma is so fat, her picture wouldn't upload to the Internet.

I wanted to upload the Mexico-Chile game to PornHub...

... but PornHub said they don't accept r**....

Hey baby, are you a cloud server?

Because I have something to upload from my hard drive.

I uploaded a video on YouTube about how to clean your fingers.

The thumbnail was dirty.

I love to watch videos where they explain the elements

However, they only upload... Periodically

Upload joke, I love to watch videos where they explain the elements

I uploaded a video to YouTube of me filming around my windowless house.

Zero views.

Why did the serial killer create a Pinterest account?

To upload pictures of his coffee table made out of palates

I tried uploading a picture of the Titanic to OneDrive

... But it just kept syncing.

I found images of Olym!

I'll upload them in four years.
Olym Pics hype!

ELI5: Why are download speeds so much faster than upload speeds?

Is it because of gravity?

The uploading in Russia is horrible...

But the inSTALIN is amazing!

I tried uploading Eminems response to MGK on pornhub

But it doesn't allow r**...

I suggested to my tech-illiterate friend she upload her photos on Instagram, but she just sent them to me in one big zip file.

Sigh... *unzips*

Yo mama so fat

it took me three years to upload a picture of her to imgur

hi people i have recently made a channel called ree

i will tell u why to sub

1 i will upload edited and funny videos

2 i will stream battle royale i have over 400 wins

playing with big you tubers

Upload joke, hi people i have recently made a channel called ree

What type of load only rises?

An upload

Every day we stay further from god...

... unless T-Series forgets to upload a video.

"Did you upload the permissions to the server?"

"Uh oh."

"Why is everything pictures of fruit?!"

"I have dyslexia."

Why couldn't Anakin Skywalker upload his pics to email them to Padme?

Because attachments are forbidden.

I uploaded a picture of a walnut but people complained that it was too blurry.

Now I have to deal with the nut post clarity.

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