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Did you hear some people are saying listening to Queen causes autism?

Apparently it's because of the unusually high Mercury content.

My 14 year old made me proud

I was driving them to a friend's house and we were sitting at an intersection waiting for a clear space for me to turn left. It was unusually busy for the side streets we live on and I muttered "where is all this traffic coming from?".

Without hesitation, they said "from the right".

A tear of pride may have been shed

You know, I heard listening to Queen has been scientifically proven to give people autism.

Apparently because of the unusually high Mercury content.

Unusually joke, You know, I heard listening to Queen has been scientifically proven to give people autism.

An older pastor gives an unusually long sermon.

After the three hour service, he's asked why. I was running very late today and accidentally put my wife's dentures in and couldn't stop talking.

Christmas Day accident

Grandpa woke up unusually early yesterday to celebrate Christmas with the family. He was half asleep still when went to the restroom to brush his teeth. In the early morning brain fog, he accidentally got his Polident mixed up with his Preparation H.

His gums aren't itching, but now, he can't get his underwear off!

As a little kid, I was unusually confident. I even used to call my first grade teacher "Sweetheart!"

He hated it.

What type of computer is unusually large?

A Dell

Unusually joke, What type of computer is unusually large?

A missionary noticed a particularly happy cannibal

Missionary: Joe, you look unusually cheery today.

CannibalJoe: Today wife gave me head

What do you call a pig...

...with an unusually high IQ?


What do you call it when guys find older women unusually attractive?

The Stunning-Cougar Effect.

I try to be unusually kind and compassionate to those around me during the Holidays,

because I never know who will end up being my Secret Santa.

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Why did the goldfish visit the behavioural therapist?

He was acting unusually fish-ous

What's the difference between an effeminate lumberjack and LA on an unusually clear day?

One smacks the log...

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