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Funniest Unreal Short Jokes

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  1. The square root of -1 walks into a bar. The bartender looks on, amazed, and says "This is unreal."
  2. I just got married today It's unreal. I can still remember the the exact moment when every woman in the world became instantly more attractive.

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Unreal One Liners

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  1. I was on a date with a girl that works at Epic Games... She was unreal.
  2. What is China's favourite online game ? Unreal Tiannament.
  3. I heard that Atheists think God is cool... They say he's unreal.
  4. Unreal numbers are the easiest part of advanced mathematics. The struggle is real.
  5. Today my math teacher taught us how to square root -1 It was unreal
  6. I just started learning about imaginary numbers It was unreal
  7. Here's a good pick-up line A: Hey are you i?
    B: No, why?
    A: Cause your beauty is unreal

Unreal joke, Here's a good pick-up line

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You want to know what's the most unrealistic thing from Batman V superman? (not a spoiler)

A democratic senator from Kentucky.

What is the most unrealistic part of the newest james bond movie?

A Brit with a full petrol tank.

What's the most unrealistic thing about the Bible?

A 30 year old man with 12 close friends.

What's the most unrealistic part of Harry Potter?

A ginger with two friends

What's the most unrealistic part of the new James bond movie?

A Brit with a full tank of petrol.

I had an unrealistic dream about having several thousand dollars last night

Turns out it was two grand.

What's the most unrealistic part of The A-Team (2010)?

The CIA agent actually gets brought to justice

Entering a friend's home for his weekly poker game, Slick is amazed to see a dog sitting at the table.

He's even more surprised when the dog wins the first hand with a full house, and takes the second with a royal flush.
"This is unreal," Slick says after the dog wins the next two hands. "He's got to be only dog in the world that can play like that."
"Aw, he's not so great," says the host. "There's a dog in Las Vegas who doesn't wag his tail every time he gets a good hand."

Unreal joke, Today my math teacher taught us how to square root -1