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You can now major in Marijuana at some universities

Guess grades are going to be a little higher this semester!

Girls are a lot like universities...

I spend hours looking at them, only to realise I can't get into any of them.

Three Universities ...

Three Universities all done research into why a mans bell end is shaped the way it is.
Oxford Uni spent £100,000 in 6 months and came to the conclusion it is for the pleasure of the woman.
Cambridge Uni spent £250,000 in 18 months and came to the conclusion its for the pleasure of the man.
Dublin Uni spent 50 pence in 5 minutes and came to the conclusion its to stop your hand flying off the end.

Universities joke, Three Universities ...

I like options, so I'm looking through universities in Arizona.

They have more degrees.

What do modern universities and Cersei's womb have in common?

kids coming out of them have no chance at reaching adulthood.

You know you are worthless when even death rejects you

People who survive fatal accidents are rejected even by the University of Death which has the highest acceptance rate of all Universities.

What do both Universities and Prostitutes have in common

Both take all of you money and give you aids

Universities joke, What do both Universities and Prostitutes have in common

Why do communists get into the best universities?

Because they get the best Marx in class.

My HS teacher said I could be a world class artist, so Ive been looking into universities...

Still have found one with an artism program though.

Universities have the strangest degrees now, have you heard about the degree in Ballet?

It's so hard that they all get tutus.

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