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Unites Airlines newest in-flight cuisine

Chinese Takeout


The world unites

A Geordie bloke is stood outside his house and he sees a bloke from the next road over coming down his street "OY! What are you doing in MY street?".

Before the second man can respond another bloke from Middlesbrough appears at the other end of the street "OY!", they both shout, "what are you doing in OUR town?".

Before he has chance to respond a Londoner appears. "OY southerner!", all three shout, "what are you doing up north?".

Before he can explain a Frenchman appears. "OY! Frenchy, what are you doing in OUR country?" the four ask in unison.

Before the Frenchman has chance to reply an American appears. "OY! Yankee, what you doing on OUR continent?" all five exclaim.

Before the American can get a word out a spaceship lands in front of them and an alien gets out. Five of the six men immediately shout out "Take the Frenchy, you can probe him."


Nothing unites people like a common enemy

And nothing likes sea fish like a com-anemone


What did the Unites States say when it got bad intestinal cramps?

Houston, we have a problem.


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