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A unicorn without testicles

is called a eunuchorn

I went to get my unicorn neutered...

Now it's a eunuchorn.


What does a Native American call a unicorn?

A unimaize.

Unicorn joke, What does a Native American call a unicorn?

You are riding a unicorn chasing a rainbow tiger and there is a flying lion behind you. What do you do?

Get off the carousal, you're drunk.

What do you call a unicorn that's had its horn removed.


Unicorns have the best poker faces.

A mailman, a boy, and a unicorn walk into a bar.

The woman gets a concussion, some stitches, and a diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder.

Unicorn joke, A mailman, a boy, and a unicorn walk into a bar.

What do you call a Unicorn with his horn cut off?

a Eunuch-horn! :D

What do you call a castrated unicorn?

A eunuchorn.

A guy walks into Starbucks and orders a Frappe with unicorn hair and newt eyes

It was quite the tall order

My girlfriend is like a unicorn

She doesnt exist

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What do you call an academic institute concerning vegetables that only offers their services to mythological creatures?

A Unicorn

What do you call a piece of corn all by itself?

A Unicorn.

Dave and John have a conversation

Dave: Are you a virgin

John: I was, until yesterday

Dave: I don't believe you

John: No, seriously, ask your sister

Dave: I don't have a sister

John: You will in 9 months.
*flies away snickering on his magic unicorn*

My dad is like a unicorn

He's never here. :(

A hunter went out on a hunting trip. He took his sons cigarettes by mistake.

He had an excellent day. He shot 2 bucks, a boar, a black bear, and a unicorn.

Unicorn joke, A hunter went out on a hunting trip. He took his sons cigarettes by mistake.

NOAH'S DIARY: Day 42...

Dragon steak for lunch, and Unicorn pie for dinner.

I once attended a lecture on psychedelic drugs

It was about punchline expectations. According to the unicorn, anyway.

The other day my friend told me I was delusional...

...I nearly fell off of my unicorn.

My dad told me this one: "what do you call a baby unicorn?"

"A unikernel"

Also I've never met my dad.

What do you call a unicorn gelding?


What has one horn and isn't magic?

A dead unicorn.

What do you call a gelded unicorn?

A Eunuch-corn

Why cant unicorns become politicians?

They get straight to the point and can be shown to be true

Why did the Unicorns become extinct?

Because unicorns are gay.

My daughter asked me if she could have the Amazon Prime App for our Apple TV for Christmas.

I said Sorry Sweetheart. I'll get you a Unicorn instead.

what's the difference between a unicorn and a girlfriend?

i am 8 times more likely to find a unicorn

A father finds a magic lamp...

and when he rubs it, a genie pops out and offers to grant him anything he wants.

The man asks for a unicorn for his daughter.

The genie says unicorns aren't even real, try to be more realistic.

So the man decides to ask the genie to let the Browns win a single game.

The genie sighs and asks the man what color unicorn his daughter would prefer.

What do you call a unicorn who got a flu shot?

An immunicorn

A priest, a nun, a giraffe, a telepathic unicorn, 21 pilots, Pennywise the clown, a ninja and Donald Trump walk into a bar. The bartender, struggling to open the champagne, says

...yeah I don't know how I'm going to pull this one off.

Why didn't the narwhal invite the unicorn to his party?

He wanted to keep it real

Unicorns are just Mormons in disguise.

They're both white and have a fetish for virgins.

What do unicorns call horses?


Where do unicorns like to drink?

The horn pub!

What is the difference between a unicorn and a carrot?

One is a funny beast and the other is a bunny feast.

What do you get if you remove the horn from a unicorn?

A eunuch

Every time I take LSD some unicorn starts talking to me

This way I'll never start hallucinating

Why did the unicorn cross the road?

To make the rainbow connection!

A quiz just asked me what mythical creature I relate to..

So I chose unicorn because I'm bright, colourful, and nobody believes in me.

The other day, I was questioning the state of my sanity...

... but the unicorn and the gummy bear told me I was okay.

what do you call a unicorn with 2 horns and 2 tails?


Yee haw

A cowboy comes riding into town one day, only hes riding on the horses head. One of the townsfolk ask him as he riding by, "how do you stay on that horse so good"? To which the cowboy replies "its not a horse, its a unicorn"!

What do you call a unicorn that had its horn cut off?

A eunuchorn!

(not mine) I hate the Harry Potter franchise, it's too unrealistic.

I mean I'm not saying magic is impossible, everyone on my estate fights with sticks, there may even be the odd unicorn about, but who, has ever seen a ginger kid with two mates ?

Overheard the neighbors kid

You're on a unicorn. Behind you there is a big bear, on one side a roaring lion, on the other side a charging elephant, and in front of you a dragon. How do you get out of this alive?

Get your drunk ass off the Merrygoround!!!!

Your chances of meeting a unicorn are extremely low.

But they are still higher than the chance of you getting a girlfriend/boyfriend

Two Married Unicorns are Lying in Bed

The husband Unicorn, without looking up from his newspaper, says big storm's a brewin . The wife Unicorn then replies, well then I'm glad we didn't go on that cruise with your whack job friend Noah!

It's the second day on Noah's Ark and all the animals are meeting up with their counterparts.

The unicorns find each other, and the first unicorn introduces himself, saying "Hi, my name's Frank." The second unicorn says "Hi Frank, I'm Jerry!" The unicorns in unison say "Oh shit..."

What does a unicorn and my girlfriend have in common?

They're both fictional

I love my pet unicorn

He comes to support me whenever I regret taking my LSD.

You're being chased by a Lion, you're on a horse to the left of you is a Giraffe and on the right a unicorn what do you do?

You stop drinking and get off the Carousel.

What's the similarity between a unicorn and a good politician?

Neither exist

Adam was returning home late one night at paradise after drinking with the dodo and the unicorn.

Eve got angry and yelled at him: "YOU ARE SEEING ANOTHER WOMAN!"
Adam responded: "Don't be silly, you are the only woman on earth", and went to sleep.
Later that night Adam woke up, feeling a tickle in his chest and saw it was Eve.

"What the heck are you doing?" he asked
"I'm counting your ribs," she responded.

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