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So there are two Cats...

The first cats name is one-two-three and the second cats name is un-deux-trois, both cats try to cross the river, which cat got across first?

The one-two-three cat, because the un-deux-trois cat sank

The English Cat and the French Cat

There were two cats. One was British and one was French. The name of the British cat was One-two-three and the name of the French cat was Un-deux-trois. They decided to have a race to see which cat could be the first to swim across the English Channel.

Obviously, the cat named One-two-three won. Why? Because Un-deux-trois cat sank.

French cat joke

Two cat's are trying to cross a river, ones name is Onetwothree and the others name is Undeuxtrois.
Why was Onetwothree the only survivor?
Because Undeuxtrois cat sank.

2 cats were racing across the English channel

An english cat named onetwothree, and a french cat name undeuxtrois.

Which cat won?

123 cat won because undeuxtroix quatre cinq

There are two cats: one-two-three and un-deux-trios. Which cat successfully crossed the river?

One-two-three crossed the river because Un-deux-trois cat sank.

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