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  1. I opened my birthday card and a load of rice fell out I know exactly who sent it. It was my Uncle Ben.
  2. What superhero should you never have dinner with? Spider-Man. He never saves any Uncle Ben's.
  3. I dropped my phone in the bath. I dropped my phone in the water. I put it in rice to dry out, it works now but i lost all my contacts except for my uncle bens.
  4. This post is sponsored by Uncle Tom's rice. It's like Uncle Ben's, but a bit more racist
  5. What is Marvel's new, SPIDER-MAN themed trophy? A box of uncle Ben's rice with a bullet inside.
  6. My Uncle Ben passed away yesterday. No more Mr. Rice Guy.
  7. Got a birthday card today I got a birthday card today, when I opened it a bag of rice fell out.
    It was from uncle Ben
  8. Batman prank calls Spider-Man... Batman asks, "Is uncle Ben home?"
    Spider-Man says, "No! He is at the theater with your parents!"
  9. How Do You Make Spider-Man Cry? Cook him some Uncle Ben's
  10. Got a christmas card with rice in it It was from uncle ben

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  1. What is the one thing spiderman can't eat? Uncle Bens rice.
  2. Why doesn't Spiderman like rice? It reminds him of Uncle Ben.
  3. Guess who missed Spiderman homecoming? Uncle Ben.
  4. What's spider-mans favorite brand of rice ? Uncle Ben
  5. What's spider man's favourite food Uncle bens rice
  6. Uncle Ben would never discourage Peter from joining the Avengers. But his aunt May.
  7. My uncle is a bus driver that circles Big Ben in London ... he works around the clock.
  8. What do you get... When you cross Aunt Jemima with Uncle Ben?
    Rice cakes!
  9. Uncle Ben has died. That's it, no more Mr. Rice Guy!
  10. When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Spider-Man but now I want to be like Uncle Ben
  11. Took a peak at one of my Christmas presents. A bag of rice? Thanks a lot Uncle Ben.
  12. Uncle Ben A true credit to his rice
  13. Uncle Ben has died... I guess there's no more Mr. Rice guy. XD
  14. What is Spider-Man's favorite rice? Uncle Bens!
  15. Did you hear they are changing the Uncle Ben's Logo? Everyone thought it was ricest.

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What's white and crawls up your leg?

Uncle Ben's Perverted Rice

Why should the FBI search the Uncle Ben's warehouse?

Because there's a ton of rice in there.

Hey spiderman

Hey spiderman want to know my favorite type of rice? Uncle Ben's.

Can someone help me understand this joke....

Today while listening to Townes Van Zandt, he tells a joke on a live album: What's white and crawls up your leg? Uncle Ben's Perverted Rice. Am I too young to understand this? Is there a historical element to this missing?? Is it just obsurd? Thanks in advance and hope this is the right place to ask this question.

What is spidermas favourite type of rice

Uncle Ben's

What's Peter Parkers favorite brand of rice?

Uncle Ben's

With great power come great..

power bills.
*- Uncle Ben, electrician.*

What is Uncle Ben's favorite condiment?

Aunt Mayonnaise

Spider-Man spoilers

Uncle Ben died.

Everyone is so worried that Stan Lee's cameos are over

but someone has to play uncle Ben in the new spiderman.

Received a christmas card todah, inside there was nothing but grains of rice.

It was from Uncle Ben.

Just opened a Christmas card and rice fell out...

...must have been from my uncle Ben.

Just opened a Christmas card and some rice fell out

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