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I work at a restaurant...

I work at a restaurant. A woman and her young son came walking through the door early in the morning.

I immediately approached after they were seated and asked,"What will it be today?"

The young boy was quick to exclaim,"I WISH TO DEVOUR THE UNBORN!!!"

There was a long silence.

His mother then put one hand on her head and said,"Eggs.... He wants eggs."

I'm going out of this world the way I came in it...

Inside a drunk college drop out covered in the blood of an unborn twin.

What did one hungry unborn baby say to the other?


What do you call unborn twins?


What does an unborn child say…

…while its parents are having sex? β€” Oh yes, daddy!

What do you call it when my girlfriend kills 250 million unborn children

A Swallocaust. I'm not proud of myself.

What did the group of unborn babies say when they were hungry?


Unborn joke, What did the group of unborn babies say when they were hungry?

What do you call an unborn child that is excessively ready to accept failure?

A defetus

One fine day, down at the local diner.

A waitress taking the breakfast order of a mother and her young son is startled when the little boy looks up at her and growls in a low, deep voice:

**"I want to consume the flesh of swine, and the unborn."**

His mother shakes her head, sighs, and says, "Bacon and eggs. He wants bacon and eggs."

My gym just sold me a lifetime gym membership for our unborn baby.

I hope it works out.

What is it called when an unborn baby dies in a horse-drawn sleigh?

A mis-carriage

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Cry, the beloved country,

for the unborn ape that is the inheritor of our fear.

What do you call an unborn baby Wombat?

A *womb*-bat

Three Pregnant Ladies

Three Pregnant Ladies are discussing their unborn babies.
The Brunette says "I am having a girl because I was on the bottom when my partner and I conceived"
The Redhead says "I am having a boy as I was on top with my partner"
The Blonde starts crying and the other two ask what is wrong "I am going to be having ten puppies!"

We should start calling the planet "unborn baby"

maybe then republicans would want to save it.

I miss being unborn.

The womb service was pretty great.

Unborn joke, I miss being unborn.

I don't like trying to contact our unborn child.

But my wife gets a kick out of it.

What do you call an unborn rabbit?

An ingrown hare.

What do a 14 year old redneck and her unborn baby have in common?

The Father

Two unborn twins are talking to each other

- Look, our father is coming.
- No, that's our uncle
- How can you tell?
- Uncle always wears coat.

What does a teenager and her unborn baby have in common?

What does a teenager and her unborn baby have in common?

They both think their mom is going to kill them.

My wife and I are finding out the sex of our unborn baby...

Because we don't want to assume it's gender.

What do teen mothers and their unborn babies have in common?

They're both thinking, "Oh my God, my mom's gonna kill me!"

my brother is naming his unborn child Oakley

thats it. thats the joke... dont know the sex yet but either way the childs name will be Oakley. after a dog he once had

What did the hungry unborn babies say?

Feed us! Feed us!

Unborn joke, What did the hungry unborn babies say?

Why can't you fool an unborn fetus?

It wasn't born yesterday..


I think my wife wanted to tell me that our unborn daughter would once become a beauty queen.

BTW: Does any of you guys know where Carriage lies?

I told my wife I wanted to name our unborn son Obvious.

She said, "That's a stupid name."

I said, "Now you're gestating the Obvious."

Guy walks into a bar, orders 2 shots. Dumps one on the ground.

Bartender asks who it was for. Guy replies "my unborn child"
"Sorry to hear man, what happened?" Asked the bartender.
Guy looked him square in the eye "dried up in a sock."

My wife and I are betting on the gender of our unborn child

If she wins, she gets a daugther.....

(True story actually)

I'm going to name my unborn son "Newton"

He's going to be an absolute unit!

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