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A latino goes to a vending machine

He gets a soda for 75c. He puts in 65c. The machine says "dime", so he whispers quiero una pepsi porfavor

A Mexican man puts two quarters and a nickel into a vending machine to buy a soda

but the price is 65 cents. Instead of dispensing the soda the machine it reads "DIME" so the man leans in and says Quiero una Coca

A Spanish photon walks into a bar

The bar tender asks "what'll it be?" And the photon replies "una cerveza por favor." The bartender gives him a beer and come backs a few minutes later to find it finished. He asks: "want another?" To which the photon replies "Ay, no mas!"

Que hacen moscas por ejercicio?

dan una vuelta por la manzana

Pinguino Helado

Había una vez un pinguino que se llamaba helado, salio al sol y se derritió ........ jajajaja

Carlos is chilling with his baby brother, Pedro…

…and Carlos says, "¿Quieres escuchar una broma, Pedro?" *(Do you want to hear a joke, Pedro?)*

To which little Pedro replies, "¡Sí, por supuesto!" *(Yes, of course!)*

And Carlos says, "¿Está seguro?
Puede ser demasiado divertido..." *(Are you sure? It may be too funny…)*

"¡Que hago! ¡QUE HAGO!" *(I do! I DO!)*

"Bueno, si tú lo dices. ¿Está usted listo?" *(Okay, if you say so. Are you ready?)*

"¡SÍ! ¡SÍ! ¡SÍ!" *(YES! YES! YES!)*

"¿Qué grupo se unió a la mexicana-la supremacía blanca?" *(What group did the Mexican white-supremacist join?)*

"¿QUÉ? ¿QUÉ? ¿QUÉ?"

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