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  1. Just been chatting to my neighbour's teenage daughter and it turns out she's really into UFOs and alien. Which is cool because tomorrow she's getting abducted.
  2. What is the difference between a smart blonde and a UFO? There have been sightings of UFOs
  3. What's the difference between UFOs and an honest politician? It is possible that UFOs exist.
  4. I have never seen a UFO before... because I'm always able to correctly identify the flying object
  5. There are 26 letters in the Alphabet. If you take out ET, how many are left? 21 because E.T. leaves in his U,F.O.
  6. 2017 First UFO lands Alien: "Take me to your leader."
    *Alien is brought to Pres. Trump.
    Alien: "Good one! Seriously though. This is important."
  7. If you remove ET from the alphabet, how many letters are still there in the alphabet? 21, because ET left Earth in a UFO.
  8. I've never seen a UFO But that's only because i have always been able to properly identify the various alien spacecraft i see in the sky.
  9. What's the same about a smart blonde and a UFO? You keep hearing about em but you never see em
  10. Why do aliens in UFOs come to Earth just to probe people? It is cheaper than flying all the way to Uranus.

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  1. What did mark zuckerberg say when the US shot down the UFO? Oh no, not my Uber!
  2. My dating life is just like these UFOs Always getting shot down!
  3. I see UFOs all the time. I really need to learn more about planes.
  4. The Roswell UFO crashed because Chuck thought it was a frisbee.
  5. Yoko Ono was abducted by alien lawyers in a UFO They offered to represent her pro bono
  6. If I had a dollar for the pixels in every UFO shot video I would have 25 cents.
  7. Me and UFOS have something in common! Neither of us look good on camera.
  8. What do smart blondes and UFO's have in common? You hear about them but never see them
  9. I saw a UFO yesterday. So I quickly grabbed the worst camera I own to film it with.
  10. What did the alien say when he saw an earthling from his UFO? I just saw an alien
  11. What n**... did the UFO c**... land on? a**... 51
  12. What do you call a UFO flying over San Diego i**... Aliens

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Sexist UFO

A strange disk appeared in the sky. It would hover over groups of women and whistle. Whenever a man would approach it would fly away and hover over another group of women and whistle. The headline in a feminist paper read: Object Defying Women.