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My Girlfriend's Got A Puncture

My new girlfriend's car got a flat tyre as we were on our way to see my parents, so I called them up and said, "Sorry Mum, I'm going to be late, my girlfriend's got a puncture."
"Oh John!" she sighed. "I thought you had a real one this time."

I got out of my car, exasperated, and phoned my wife. I said, "Unbelievable...I was on my way to the bowling alley with my friends and my tyre went flat."

"Have you got a spare?" she questioned.
"Honey," I sighed, "I'm not at the bowling alley yet."

Just been down the garage, £30 for a tyre pump.

Thirty quid!
Thirty b**... quid for a tyre pump!
They were £20 last year! This time last year, same brand, I promise you, twenty quid and not a penny more!
But I guess that's the cost of inflation.

It now takes a dollar more to pump up a tyre at the local garage

I guess it's due to inflation

I used to live in a tyre until it got punctured...

...I'm now living in a flat.

I kept having these crazy dreams where I woke up covered in Tyre tracks...

My Psychiatrist is convinced I'm a 'cycle-path'

Classes for "How to fix a flat tyre" will commence tonight

Please make sure to bring your bicycle.
If you can't make it, there's no pressure.

A man goes into his doctors with tyre tracks all across his back.

The doctor says, "what's the matter?"
"I'm feeling a bit run down", the man replies.

Did you hear about the guy who lived in a tyre?

He got a puncture and now he lives in a Flat 😂

What's the difference between a car tyre and used condoms?

One's a good year the other's a really good year.

Tyre joke, What's the difference between a car tyre and used condoms?

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Tyre joke, What's the difference between a car tyre and used condoms?

Tyre joke, What's the difference between a car tyre and used condoms?

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