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  1. My wife's identical twin sister is living with us till she finds a job I said to my friend
    He asked do you know how to tell them apart ?
    I remarked why should I ?
  2. Pros of my high school years: I graduated top of my class, was voted prom king, and hooked up with the hottest girl in my grade. Cons of my high school years: my twin sister and I were homeschooled.
  3. My girlfriend broke up with me so I started dating her twin sister I'm not left handed but i'll have to make do until the doctor removes the cast
  4. My mum asked me to hand out invitations for my younger sister's surprise party... ...That's when I realised she's the favourite twin.
  5. I once told story about pregnancy that nobody understood except for my twin sister It was our little inside joke
  6. Twins Yesterday, I was hanging out with my girlfriend when her identical twin sister walked by. Then my girlfriend asked me, "Do you think my sister is pretty?"
  7. What's Lisbeth's twin sister's name who enjoys spending time on the internet?... ...Elizabeth.
  8. What happened after the blonde ran to meet her long lost twin sister? She got seven years of bad luck for breaking her nose on the mirror.
  9. Me and my twin sister are named luna and Selena Our parents are lunatics for naming us that way.
  10. If a brother and sister get together and have twins, the twins should be named Peanut Butter and Jelly. Because they are in bread.

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  1. My ex hated when I started dating her twin sister. Like it's my fault they're conjoined.
  2. What did the developing embryo say to his fraternal twin sister? "My toes, sis'!"
  3. My wife just caught me in bed with her sister It's a risk you take with Siamese twins.
  4. Cardi B has a twin sister who's into fitness... Her name is Cardi O
  5. What happens when you see two twin sister witches? You don't know which witch is which!
  6. Why are twin sisters called fraternal? I AM OUTRAGED!!!!!
  7. What what Juan's twin sister named? I don't know, Juana guess?
  8. How can a r**... tell his twin sisters apart? By taste.

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A mother of twins went into labour and passed out.

A mother of twins went into labour and passed out. She woke up hours later to find her (not so bright) sister carrying her twins. Nervously the new mother asked her sister whether the children has been named. To which the sister replied yes. The new mother shocked and scared then asked the sister what she named the children to which she replied she named the niece Denise. The mother feeling a little better then asked what she had name the boy to which she replied Denephew.

There was a guy who was terrible at naming thing ...

His dog was named dog, his cat was named cat and so on. One day, the man's sister was having twins and in a long family tradition, the babies uncle had to chose the names. Absolutely mortified, the twin girl and boy were born and it was time;
What did you choose for the girl?
Oh man, that's not so bad. What did you choose for the boy?

On my first day at school, me and my twin sister were put in the same English class.

The teacher then asked everyone to give one interesting fact about themselves.
'I'm actually a twin, and me and Jem were born on the 23rd of February making us Pisces.' I said.
'Jem and I' responded the teacher.
'No, definitely Pisces' I said.

What did the man, who had always dreamed of having a t**..., say when he found out that his wife, named Sharon, had a twin sister named Karen?

"Well, Sharon is Karen"

What's the hardest part about dating a conjoined twin?

Every morning she screams at me for being in bed with her sister.

I went out with a girl who had a twin sister.

We were having s**... and she said, Do you fancy my sister or something?
I said no.
Well could you turn me back over so you're not looking at her.

A woman gave her two sons to different families for adoption.

One goes to an Egyptian family and called Amal.
The second child goes to Spain and is called Juan.
Many years later, Juan sends his mother a photo of himself.
She turns to her sister saying that she wished that she had a photo of her other son.
The sister responded "Hey, they are identical twins. If you have seen Juan, you have seen Amal."

"Father father! I need to tell you something!"

A young man rushed up to a priest shouting, and excited.....
Priest: what is it my son?
Man: Father, last night I met these two 18 year old twin sisters, we had a few drinks and then we went back to their house and I made love to them both father, for hours, in every way possible. It was absolutely depraved father!
Priest: hmmm, I understand, and now you wish to be forgiven.
Man: What? No.
Priest: Then.... why are you telling me?
Man: I'm telling EVERYBODY!

Tony was in court filing for divorce just few months after marriage

Tony married one of a pair of identical twins.
A few months later, he was in court filing for a divorce.
"Would you tell the court your reason for wanting a divorce," the judge said.
"Well, Your Honor," Tony began, "periodically my sister-in-law would come over
for a visit and because she and my wife are identical,
occasionally I'd end up making love to her by mistake."
"I understand they're identical twins, but surely there must be some difference
between the two women," said the judge.
"Precisely, Your Honor," replied Tony "That's why I want a divorce."

h**...'s twin sister wrote a book about how to treat yeast infections...

It was called "Mein k**...."

Old Jewish man goes to confession

And he says, Father, I am 90 years old and Jewish, never been to confession before but I have to get something off my chest. I have been married to my lovely wife for 72 beautiful years, but last night I had a t**... with two blonde twin sister cheerleaders. The priest says, I commend you for coming to confession, but I have to ask first since you are Jewish, why are you telling a Catholic Priest. The old Jewish man says, I am not just telling you Father, I am telling everyone!

A man meets two women at a bar, who happen to be siamese twins.

A man meets two women at a bar, who happen to be siamese twins. Their names are Suzie and Cheryl. He buys them a few drinks and decides he wants to take them home. They agree. A few hours and a couple drinks later, he starts to make love to Suzie. Halfway through, he realizes that Cheryl might get bored of watching and waiting for her turn so he asks her, "Is there anything you would like to do?"
Cheryl replies with, "Is that a t**... in the corner? I've love to play that!"
The night continues with the man making love to one of the twins while her sister plays the t**... right next to them.
A few weeks later, the siamese twins are walking down the street of the man's apartment. As they walk toward the apartment building, Suzie asks if they should go say hello.
"I don't know Suz, do you think he'll remember us?"

Did you know that Miley has a twin sister?

Her name is Tyranna and she's a palaeontologist.

Twin Sisters

There were these twin sisters just turning one hundred years old in a nursing home and the editor of the local newspaper, "The Distorter", told a photographer to get over there and take the pictures of these 100 year old twin ladies.
One of the twins was hard of hearing and the other could hear quite well.
The photographer asked them to sit on the sofa and the deaf one said to her twin, "WHAT DID HE SAY?"
"Now get a little closer together", said the cameraman.
So they wiggled up close to each other.
"Just hold on for a bit longer, I've got to focus a little," said the photographer.
Yet again, "WHAT DID HE SAY?"
With a big grin the deaf twin shouted out, "OH MY GOD - BOTH OF US???"