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  1. Tried to change my password to Twilight... ...but got an error message saying please re-enter as this contains too many useless characters :(
  2. I tried changing my password to "Twilight". It said "Error: contains too many useless characters"
  3. My grandma describes herself as being in her "twilight years" which I love because they're great films.
  4. Twilight's like soccer Twilight's like soccer. They run around for two hours, nobody scores, and its billion fans insist you just don't understand.
  5. In the dark of night, I fear vampires, but, when the first light of day breaks, I wonder why I had ever been afraid It's hard to take vampires seriously after Twilight.
  6. Twilight is like the world cup. They run around for a couple of hours, nobody scores, and millions of fans claim you don't understand.
  7. Why do you take toilet paper to the twilight zone? DODODODODODODODODODODODODODODODODODODODODO
  8. Did you see that the actress Kristen Stewart just coauthored a paper on artificial intelligence? And it is still a better love story than Twilight.
  9. Everyone at the Twilight convention gave me dirty looks Probably because my shirt said Team Ramrod
  10. I was so disappointed to watch twilight..... I thought breaking dawn was staring Ron Jeremy

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Twilight One Liners

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  1. My friend took me to a twilight fencing class. I couldn't really see the point.
  2. I have found the true name of the Twilight Princess His name is Edward Cullen.
  3. Equestria Girls Princess - Makeup -Twilight sparkle and Friends Animatio...
  4. Why does it smell in the Twilight Zone? ^doo ^^doo ^doo doo ^doo ^^doo ^doo doo
  5. If *The Twilight Zone* had its own currency, what would its motto be? "In Rod We Trust."
  6. The Twilight series sold millions of books. Now that's something I can ad-Meyer!
  7. The twilight of the German poets would be Goethedammerung
  8. The Twilight Zone enters the Chuck Norris Zone.
  9. No one in this earth was born in The Twilight Zone Except maybe for Kim King Un
  10. Vampire is just short for vapid empire. This would explain the whole Twilight series.
  11. Where did Edward from Twilight learn how to cook? Cullen-ary school
  12. [Destiny] Where do Year 1 Guardians buy their clothes? Twilight Gap
    *badum tsss*
  13. 50 Shades of Grey It's basically Twilight for adults
  14. Why should you always carry toilet paper to the twilight zone? d**... d**...

Twilight joke, Why should you always carry toilet paper to the twilight zone?

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I don't know why women have a fascination with Twilight.

The reason being, vampires and women are entirely different. One is a blood s**... monster that preys on the helpless and the other are vampires.

Twilight joke, Equestria Girls Princess - Makeup -Twilight Sparkle and Friends Animatio...

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