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I watched so many programming tutorial videos in college

My inner monologue started developing an Indian accent

I built a staircase using an online tutorial!

When I finished I thought something looked wrong so I went back to look at the instructions. I missed a step.

Tutorial on how to fall down the stairs:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 6
Step 11

Tutorial joke, Tutorial on how to fall down the stairs:

Browser History: Man vs. Woman

Woman's Browser History:

Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial
Makeup Tutorial

Man's Browser History:


Life is like a Zelda Game. It doesn't have a tutorial...

...But it has a bunch of annoying guide characters.

Hi! Welcome to my makeup tutorial

SO, the first step is to be a beautiful 20 year old with lots of money

Last week I saw I noose tying tutorial

It was breathtaking

Tutorial joke, Last week I saw I noose tying tutorial

I was really excited when this girl I know sent me a video named 101 mating positions .

Turns out it was a tutorial on how to play chess.

The only reason I want to be a surgeon is

So I can tell my patients that I looked up a tutorial on YouTube first.

I found an old game.

Anne Frank simulator, looked okayish (as good as an attic can look) and had decent sound. Although the game has a big bug. During the tutorial everytime I jump I get shot.

Did you see the new gun tutorial video on YouTube?

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Life is like clash of clans

The first 18 years are a tutorial and then after that it is pay to win

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