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Have you heard of Canada's answer to Tupac Shakur?

Sixpac Fershur

Why couldn't Biggy or Tupac ever get decent internet on their phones?

They were just 2G's

What did Tupac say when his best friend died?

No Biggie.

Tupac joke, What did Tupac say when his best friend died?

why were the rappers late for their flight?

they forgot tupac

Why does Tupac never eat candy when it's dark outside?

Because he has to watch out for Shug Knights

What do you get when you shoot four bullets into a six pack?

A Tupac...

Which rapper would you rather bring back from the dead?

- Tupac
- Biggie Smalls
- Eazy E
- Meek Mills

Tupac joke, Which rapper would you rather bring back from the dead?

Why can't rappers take holidays?

They always forget Tupac.

I heard someone proposed a Tupac movie.

But it was shot down.

Just bought a Tupac of Eminems for 50 Cents

It was Ludacris!

Why was Biggie hungry at school?

He forgot Tupac his lunch!

*knee slap*

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I got some knockoff beats

I got some knockoff beats by Dre headphones called beats by Tupac, but they had holes in them.

Yo'mama is so dumb...

She thinks Tupac Shakur is a Jewish holiday.

What did Christopher Wallace say when he was mistaken for Tupac?

No biggie.

Why did Tupac go to the gym?

To get a sixpac!

(Thank you 7th grade me)

Yesterday I bought...

...a tupac of 50 cent eminem's

Tupac joke, Yesterday I bought...

What're tupacs favorite vegetables?


Only have 4 packs abs after years of abs training

Because the other tupac got killed.

Have you ever heard of Tupac?

You probably haven't, he's pretty underground

Look at these two rap CDs I picked up at the music store today.

They came in a Tupac

So I accidentally got a tupac album

but it's no biggie

Tupac walked into his boss's office....

His boss said, "Sit down, we need to talk. I am firing you. You need Tupac your things and go."

What did Tupac say when he drove a steam train?

*I didn't choose the chug life, the chug life chose me.*

How much beer can you buy for 50 Cents?

Just a Tupac

Who was Tupac before he was famous?


A kid is dying at a hospital and wanta to meet eminem.

The nurse then says

"He's pretty busy but you are going to meet Tupac real soon."

How do you make a Tupac cocktail?

Start by putting six shots in it.

Black Friday sales are great!

I got a Tupac of B.I.G. Eminems for 50 cent.

What's the one thing Tupac needed to work on?

His ab routine. If he had a good ab routine, he would have been called Sixpac.

What is Tupacs family called?

Family pac

Why did Tupac have 2 backpacks?

He had a lot Tupac

What did the dyslexic fortune teller say to Tupac?

You're caput!

Why do arcades never put pac-man machines together?

Because papparazzi would crowd them and say:"Hey look! Its tupac, man!

Yo mamma so stupid

She thought tupac shakur was a jewish holiday

Anti-vax jokes

What's the difference between Tupac and Ant-vax mom children?
Tupac got shot.

What rapper doesn't work out enough?


If you have a six pack and get shot four times in the stomach, what do you have?

A Tupac

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