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What do you call music in a psychiatric hospital?

Looney Tunes!

What do you hear when a crazy person sings?

Looney tunes.

How does ISIS listen to its favourite tunes?

On a boombox.

Tunes joke, How does ISIS listen to its favourite tunes?

How to blind parachutist know they're close to the ground?

The feel the leash go slack!

(heard this one while listening to some irish tunes)

So how is the new Looney Tunes video game?

I don't like it, it has a lot of bugs.

George Clooney creates an iTunes playlist and fills it with various cartoon soundtracks.

Clooney Tunes

A bard walks up to a bored leprechaun. How many tunes should the bard play?


Tunes joke, A bard walks up to a bored leprechaun. How many tunes should the bard play?

I take the Christian approach to playing music at parties...

I pretend I'm just sharing my awesome tunes when you and I both know I'm forcing my music on you because I don't like yours.

Just bought an an Indian dubstep album.

It has some pretty Sikh tunes.

If George Clooney...

What would George Clooney call his iTunes playlist?

Clooney Tunes.

Badum tsssh..

China landed a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon and the first thing they saw was...

a band playing different tunes!

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What do you call a crazy song about a duck and a rabbit?

Looney Tunes

What do you a call a musical looney tunes character

The Tasmanian treble

Who's David Camerons' favourite Looney Tunes character?

Porky Pig.

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