Tulips Jokes

Whats better than roses on a piano?

tulips on an organ...

Roses are red

Roses are red.
Violets are....red

Tulips are red

My garden is on fire.

For a woman, romance is roses on a piano.

For a man, it's tulips on an organ.

How do you kiss a girl on valentines day?

You use tulips.

[NSFW] What's better than roses on your piano?

Tulips on your organ.

How do you kiss a florist?

With tulips.

What's more romantic than roses on a piano?

Tulips on an organ.

What's better than roses on a piano?

Tulips on my organ

My dad told me this joke when I was 5, I finally understood it 19 years later. Hope it doesn't take you that long

Some people like roses on a piano.

I prefer tulips on my organ.

What's sexier than roses on a piano?

Tulips on an organ!

What's better than roses on a piano...

Tulips on an organ.

Let me know if you get it. I'm not gonna lie it took me a couple minutes when a co-worker told me this. Creds: J-mans old man.

Roses are red

Tulips are too

I like eating waffles

But not when they're blue

Where do bees go to learn about pollinating tulips?


Roses are gray, violets are gray, tulips are gray

Im a dog.

Know what's even better than roses on my piano

Tulips on my organ

What's better than Roses on your Piano?

Tulips on your Organ!

This one is courtesy of my girlfriend, who is a classically trained pianist and organist.

Roses are red

Violets are red

Tulips are red

I am so sorry about your dog.

How Do Flowers Kiss?

with tulips.

What grows under your nose?


Do you know what I like more than a rose on my piano?

Tulips on my organ.

What's more beautiful than a delicate rose placed gracefully upon an elegant grand piano?

Somebody putting tulips on your organ.

What's in Poison Ivy's underpants?


Everyone talks about roses on a piano...

I just want tulips on my organ.

What do Dutch people need to kiss?


How many Dutchmen does it take to change a light bulb?

Usually one, tulips are not planted that deeply in the ground.

How many lips does a flower have?


Billy Joel always liked flowers on his piano

But on his organ he preferred tulips


Q: What is the name of the flower you find between your nose and your chin?
A: Tulips.

Why do tulips glow?

Because they come from bulbs.

(This is the only *dad* joke I know.)

I have this habit of collecting strange injuries from plants, and I recently contracted a weird rash from planting tulips...

I caught a Bulb-a-sore.

I asked my wife for tulips this valentine's

2 lips round my dong. Hahahahahahah.

She said no.

My father always told me that women are like delicate little tulips.

This always confused me, don't they have four lips?

How do flowers blow kisses?

With their tulips

Roses are red, Violets are red, Tulips are red, Dandelions are red

The tape around my house is yellow

Mary One-lip searched her whole life for her one-lipped prince, until she found a handsome florist. But she could not marry him...

... For he had tulips.

I was offered $20/hr planting tulips...

I misunderstood now I'm a prostitute.

What do Dutch people have on their face?


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