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An English man, Irish man and Scottish man...

Are on a plane and the pilot comes out and issues everyone a challange, "if you can guess where we are by sticking your hand out of the window ill give you 50 grand" the Scottish man quickly jumps up and sticks his hand out of the window "we are in Dundee" he guessed, the pilot shakes his head. Then the Irish man trys "we are in Dublin" he guesses, again the pilot shakes his head, then the English man steps up, "we are in Liverpool" he says, shocked the pilot answers "Yes! Thats right, but how did you know?" The English man replies "because my watch has been stolen"

Studies show that owning a ladder is 10 times more dangerous than owning a gun.

That's why I own 10 guns. In case some maniac trys to come at me with a ladder.

A dad walks in on his son masterbating.

"Son you can't be masterbating."

"But why?" says his son.

Caught off guard the dad trys his best explaining without going into the whole birds and the bees.

A couple incidents later and much more explaning, the dad is still with no success. Finally the dads gives in and says to his son, "You can't be doing that, *it's not good for you*."

"But why?"

"Because son, you'll go blind!"

"Ah ok!" ths son replies. "I don't want that!"

Certain he finally took care of the problem, the dad is finally at peace

A couple days later the dad walks in once more. "Son, what did I tell you about doing that!?"

"I know dad, but I'll stop once I start needing glasses."

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