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Regretting the compliment...

A woman walks up to a guy in a blue bathing suit and says, "Did you know your eyes match your swim trunks?" He says, "Really! Why? Are my eyes bulging?"


What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish?

swimming trunks! :D


What do you get if you cross a Fish and an Elephant?

Swimming Trunks.


An American tourist is at the beach....

in the French Riviera. He is wearing his usual surfer trunks with the drawstring front. He immediately notices that all of the beautiful women are making faces of disgust at him.

As he passes a beach wear store, the clerk motions for him to come inside. The clerk tells him that his trunks are a no-no for the French Riviera, and suggests a black speedo. He puts it on, and the clerk takes one look and tells him to buy a potato and put it down the suit to impress the ladies.

The tourist comes back shortly and tells the clerk that the women not only look at him in disgust, but one actually threw up as he walked by her. The clerk tells him "the potato is supposed to go down the front of the suit!"


A rabbi and a catholic priest

A rabbi and a catholic priest met at the Sea Genezareth. The rabbi sugests that they should go swimming, but the catholic priest didn't want to, because he got no smimming trunks with him. After a little discussion the rabbi convinced him to go naked, just like god made them.
Shortly after they have gone in to the water a group of tourists came by. Immediately the catholic priest covered his manhood with his hands, however the rabbi covered his face.
The catholic priest asks the rabbi wondering why he covers his face instead of his manhood.
The rabbi answered:
People recognize me by my face!


Why were the elephants asked to leave the nude beach?

They refused to remove their trunks.


Why was the elephant banned from the pool?

He couldn't keep his trunks up.


A priest and a rabbi go for a walk...

A rabbi and a catholic priest are going for a walk on a hot summer's day, when they pass a little pool in the midst of a forest.
The rabbi suggests: "Hey let's hop in here so we can refresh ourselves!"
- "But I don't even have trunks with me", the priest answered.
"Me neither", the rabbi says, "so let's just jump in there naked."

After short hesitation the priest finally agrees with him, so both take a refreshing dip in the water.
When they exit the pool some minutes later, they suddenly notice a bunch of wanderers of their community approaching.
Immediately, the rabbi covers his face with his hands whereas the priest hides his genitals.

After the wanderers disappeared, the wondering priest asks the rabbi:
"Why would you hide your face, rabbi?"
The rabbi answers: "Well, MY community recognizes me by my face."


Why is it hard to watch two elephants boxing?

Because they've got the same colour trunks.


What do you get when you boil tree trunks with sugar?

Log jam.


Why can't elephants go skinny dipping?

They can't get their trunks off...


What do you get when you cross a fish with an elephant?

Swimming trunks!


Why can elephants swim, and aardvarks can't?

Aardvarks don't have trunks!


What does an elephant and a bunch of grapes have in common?

They both have trunks, 'cept for the grapes.


I went swimming in the Black Sea. It stole my trunks.


Why do elephants prefer cars instead of motorcycles?

motorcycles don't have trunks


A blonde, brunette, and a red head...

So a blonde, brunette,and a red head are each forced to kill their husbands and dispose of the corpse. They all kill their victim and have the responsibility of disposing of the body so they all throw the body in the trunks of their cars. Now, they each have to drive to the location where they can safely dispose of the body. The red head gets in her car and decides she'll drive in the left lane since that's the fast lane, so she can go fast, get to the location quickly, and dispose of the body. A cop pulls her over for going too fast, she gets a ticket but gets back on her way to get rid of the body, no problem. Brunette gets into her car decides she'll drive in the right lane since that's the lane with slower traffic, to not look suspicious. Cop pulls her over for driving too slow and impeding traffic, gives her a ticket but she continues on her way, no problem. Blonde gets into her car decides to drive in the HOV lane since she never sees anyone there it'll be a smooth ride to the location. Cop pulls her over for driving in the HOV lane with only person. Cop writes her a ticket for that, blonde reads the ticket and says "No, officer, I'm not the only person in the car I have my husband in the trunk.

Made it up myself not the best but I think it is OC



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