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This light-hearted article will have you laughing out loud with a collection of trout-themed jokes! From rainbow trout to brown trout to catfish, you'll find a variety of puns about the beloved trout fish. So grab your fishing rod and reel in some of the best trout jokes around!

Funniest Trout Short Jokes

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  1. A man walks into a seafood shop carrying a trout under his arm. "do you make fish cakes?"
    "Yes we do" replies the fishmonger...
    "Great" says the man, ït's his birthday"
  2. Man walks into a fishmonger carrying a trout under his arm... He asks the shopkeeper, Do you sell fish cakes?
    Shopkeeper replies Of course!
    Man says, Thank god, it's his birthday!
  3. Why couldn't the rainbow trout get on the same level as his father? Because he was too flambouyant.
  4. Elvis Presley was eaten by a fish one day and his friends were asking where he was. He said, "I'm caught in a trout."
  5. I see your limerick... There once was a man from Wheeling
    Who pounded his p**... with great feeling
    And then like a trout
    He'd stick his mouth out
    And wait for the drops from the ceiling
  6. "Hmm," I said to the fishmonger, examining the selection. "I've got the munchies, I will eat any of these." "Smoked trout?" he asked.
    "No," I replied. "Just a little bit of w**...."

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Trout One Liners

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  1. I went fishing with my new tackle and got plenty of bites. Trout?
    No, mosquitoes.
  2. Why did the trout leave the cult? They were too sacrifishal
  3. I'm not good at fishing for compliments All I get is trout.
  4. Do you believe in cod? Because I reely trout it exists.
  5. How did the trout become a symbol for Christianity? Easy. By dropping "trou"
  6. "Guys I gotta hang up I have a trout on the other line"
  7. [I ate] Skittle crusted trout!
  8. Why did the blonde tie magnets to her fishing pole? She was fishing for Steelhead Trout
  9. If I was a fish... I'd be a broke trout.
  10. Whats pink and smells like salmon? trout
  11. Why did the trout go to med school? Mounting pressure from his friends and family
  12. What do you call a s**... fish? A dumb bass
    I'll sea myself trout
  13. If a horse t**..., does a sea horse Trout?

Trout joke, If a horse t**..., does a sea horse

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The computer was claimed to answer anything correctly.

But the CEO didn't believe it, so he asked "Where's my father right now?". The computer beeped and whirred for a few seconds, and spat out "Your father is fishing in Canada". The CEO joyfully chortled "See, your computer isn't always right, my father died when I was 10 years old!" The computer spat out "Your mothers husband died 25 years ago. Your father just landed an 8 pound trout."

A gypsy man was fishing one day when

he caught a beautiful golden trout. This happened to be a magic trout, and it said to the gypsy
"Oh kind fisherman, if you would throw me back I will grant you three wishes!"
So the gypsy didn't think very long, and threw the fish back. Then he said
"For my first wish, I want to be White. For my second wish, I want to be 8 inches long... if you know what I mean. And for my third wish, make is so that all the women in the world will want me!"
So the fish said "Your wishes are granted!"

and turned him into a m**... Pad.

A man walks into a fish and chip shop...

A man walks into a fish and chip shop with a live trout under his arm.
"Excuse me, do you sell fish cakes?" he asks.
Looking a little confused, the owner replies, "Yes, of course we do"
"Great" the man responds, smiling at his trout, "It's his birthday."

Trout joke, A man walks into a fish and chip shop...