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My dad says we shouldn't reward people with trophies for participation, because it's like a reward for losing.

So I took his Vietnam Veteran hat

My grandpa was complaining about how participation trophies reward losing

So I asked him why he proudly displayed a Confederate Flag

Did you hear about the meteorologist competition?

The losers got precipitation trophies.

Trophies joke, Did you hear about the meteorologist competition?

I'm glad they are taking down these Confederate statues

I don't believe in participation trophies.

Dad: Participation trophies are bad. It rewards people for losing and is unfair to the winners.

Me: *slowly takes down his confederate flag*

A serial killer who was known for taking body parts as trophies

A serial killer who was known for taking body parts as trophies was captured after attacking a uniformed police officer and severing her arm. When asked why he went after the officer despite knowing the danger, he simply replied, "It was a wrist I was willing to take."

Did you hear about the knight who used to take his slain enemies' foreskins as trophies?

His name was Sir Cumcision

Trophies joke, Did you hear about the knight who used to take his slain enemies' foreskins as trophies?

People in glass houses...

A pacific island tribal king was infamous for conquering surrounding islands and stealing the defeated king's throne, and then stowing it, like a trophy, in the attic of his grass hut.

One day when sitting on his throne in said grass hut, the ceiling collapses under the weight of his trophies and the king is killed.

Which goes to prove that people in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones.

I used to play sports. Then I realized you can buy trophies.

Now I am good at everything.

My grandma was quite the athlete

She had trophies for all sorts of things. Her most prized was a limbo trophy she won in Hawaii. When she passed my brother wanted it. I said no and he stole it. How much lower can you go?

I don't know why the right is so in favor of confederate statues.

I don't know why the right is so in favor of confederate statues. They're pretty adamant about losers not getting participation trophies.

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My wife said I'm lucky to be married to a trophy wife.

I said to her, they giving out last place trophies?

I don't understand why people keep tearing down Confederate statues?

Shouldn't the losers get to keep their participation trophies?

How is winning the Stanley Cup different than winning other championship trophies?

Don't ask me... I'm from Buffalo.

My uncle was complaining about all the participation trophies kids get these days.

So I tore down his Confederate flag.


The official sponsor of the Lombardi Trophy procession... and all other major sports trophies.

Trophies joke, Abreva

What did the rain and the snow get when they lost the race?

Precipitation trophies.

Did you hear the government is banning all participation trophies?

They start taking down all the confederate statues next week.

I had a dream where a serial killer collected ears as trophies.

His room was very eary.

I used to try to be good at sports and win trophies.

Now I just buy trophies so I am an expert all sports.

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