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I think Trojan is a bad name for a condom brand...

...because of course, the Trojans were a people whose lives were ruined when a vessel containing little warriors unexpectedly exploded inside their city walls...


If someone sends you a link to download the Homer's Iliad, don't download it...

It's full of trojans!!


Masturbating into condoms...

Jack is dating this girl Paula. He takes her out five times before he finally gets her back up to his apartment for coffee. They're fooling around on the couch, they move to the bedroom, and they have sex.

After it's done, Paula glances over at the nightstand and sees the box of Trojans. It's a 12-pack, but there are only five left in there.

"What happened to the rest of them?" she asks accusingly.

"Well... I masturbated into them," he says.

She accepts the answer, but she's curious. When she's with a few guy friends two days later, Paula asks them about it.

"Do you guys ever do that?" she asks.

"Sure, all the time," her friend says.

"Really, you masturbate into condoms?" she responds.

"Oh, no! I thought you were asking if I ever lie to my girlfriend!"


I was born part of the 1% and it really kind of sucks.

I mean Trojans are only 99% effective.


3 Trojans once tried that horse trick on a Greek city...

Poor guys drowned in semen without ever being discovered.


Because of the Trojan horse, we know that Trojans can be deceptive and unexpected.

These two qualities happen to be exactly the two qualities I am not looking for in my condoms.


A duck walks up to the pharmacy counter...

and tosses a box of Trojans down.
The pharmacist says: "Would you like me to put them on your bill?"...
The duck stares at him.


Mac users like it raw...

They always find a way around Trojans.


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