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Discover the power of trivial jokes! These funny, lighthearted jokes can increase your empathy, giving you a better sense of how you fit into the world. See how variable your trivial pursuit can be and how it can help you better justify your actions each day.

Delightful Fun Trivial Jokes for a Roaring Good Time

Two mathematicians walk into a bar...

The punchline is trivial and is left as an exercise to the reader

How many mathematicians does it take to change a lightbulb?

The punchline is trivial and has been left as an exercise for the reader.

There is a trend in psychotherapy called Anger Expression therapy where the patient is to express any anger immediately no matter how small or trivial.

Its all the rage.

A mathematician walks into a bar

The rest of the joke is trivial and is left to the student as an exercise.

What's a Liberal Arts Major's Favorite Board Game?......

Trivial Pursuit.

there'r female hormones in beer

So I found out there'r female hormones in beer, cause when you drink beer you argue over trivial things, you don't make any sense, you start to cry and you can't drive anymore.

Hey, have you heard of the person who got dumped over playing too much video games?

That's such a trivial thing to Fallout 4.

Trivial joke, Hey, have you heard of the person who got dumped over playing too much video games?

What's a furry's favourite board game?

Trivial Fursuit

The mathematician awakens, and finds another fire in the hallway.

He looks out the door, then goes back to bed. The house ends up burning down, but the physicist and engineer manages to save the mathematician. When asked why he didn't put out the fire, he says: "I saw the fire, I saw the extinguisher, the solution was trivial."

Why do mathematicians never have to pay for s**...?

They find getting sum trivial.

What's a furry's favorite game?

Trivial Fur Suit

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If Jesus had been a woman...

There would be many more very trivial commandments.

I'm working on a board-game that's a clone of "The Game of Life" except targeted towards cynics

It's called "Trivial Pursuit"

Playing Trivial Pursuit with Grandma:

Name an animated character dedicated to cleaning up the planet, who loves Eva?

Nana: h**....

I'll never understand trying to seek enjoyment from tabletop games

I find it's just a trivial pursuit.

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