Triggers Jokes

What are some Triggers jokes?

Why don't feminists carry handguns?

Because of the triggers.

I'm sorry

Why can't a feminist shoot a gun?

They can't handle the triggers.

Why do tumblr users make for poor gunmen?

They are afraid of triggers.

I made a gun in the style of a social justice warrior

It has too many triggers though.

What good did the Trump administration do for the American public?

Public health.
With all the marches Trump triggers, the average American person has never been more fit

Why do I hate math?

bcos it triggers me so much that I might go insine.

A Afghan war veteran took a class in woman studies.

Now both men on horses and men on cows triggers his


Cold weather triggers me

Are feminists into ASMR?

Because they seem to have so many triggers.

Why can't the gun fighter go on Tumblr?

To many triggers.

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