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Why did the Christmas tree get thrown in prison?


What do you call it when a tree betrays its best friend?


What is it called when a tree betrays another tree?


Treeson joke, What is it called when a tree betrays another tree?

Why was the tree in prison

because it committed treeson

Why did the police officer arrest a sapling?

He committed tree-son.

Why was the lumberjack executed?

He committed treeson.

What did the woodcutter say before getting killed by his son?

"I never expected this tree-son"

Treeson joke, What did the woodcutter say before getting killed by his son?

What crime did the tree commit to be put in tree jail?


A local property owner is being charged after their 100-year-old oak fell and struck the son of the prime minister. They are deemed responsible for the accident after they failed to maintain the tree safely.

They were charged with 1 count of tree-son.

What crimes do trees have to commit to get the death penalty?


What happens when a plant tries to take over its own forest?

It comits *tree*son.

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What do you call a crime against the forest?


Why did the sapling get executed?

For tree-son

What crime does a sapling commit?


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