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A bloke walks into a bar

And there are two Nuns playing darts. He offers to do the scoring. The first Nun hits a treble twenty with her first and second darts and double twenty with her third. The man shouts out "One hundred and sixty." The second Nun goes to throw and hits a treble twenty, a single twenty and the third dart hits the wire and rebounds straight into the Nuns eye, killing her instantly! The bloke shouts out One Nun dead and eighty."

Why are bass guitarists always safe?

Because they stay out of treble.

Sony created two new stereos.

One has good bass for black people to listen to rap music. The other has good treble for white people to listen to country.

Those are two stereo types.

Why are bassists considered cowardly?

Because they disappear at the first sign of treble.

So the bass clef said to the treble clef

Don't take that tone with me

Why did the musician get fired

Because he couldn't fix a minor problem that ended with major consequences and got himself in treble.

What did the bassist say when he played too high?

I'm in treble now

Treble joke, What did the bassist say when he played too high?

Symphony of puns

i never let my kids listen to jazz or classical music...
Too much sax or violins can only lead to treble!

A band player accidentally broke his instrument.

He got in a lot of treble.

So a bass walks into a bar ..

Let's get out of here. This place is nothing but treble.

In other news..... Police arrested a musician for stealing

Police apprehended a musician for stealing the right half of the piano.

He was in treble.

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Have you ever dated someone with a high-pitched voice?

They're nothing but treble.

How did the musical band get into treble?

They fell off a cleff.

no regrets

The pun-ishment of notes

When notes get in treble, bass-ically they get put behind bars. The alto-nate punishment is to push them off a clef and hope they land flat on sharp objects.

Did you hear about the musician who was being bad?

Well, I don't quite remember what he did, but he was in pretty big treble!

Why did the staff party go to jail?

Because they were in treble.

Treble joke, Why did the staff party go to jail?

What did the musician say as he got kidnapped?

"I'm in treble!"

What did Meghan Trainor say when she got mugged?

Please sir, I don't want any treble.

What does Meghan Trainor say when she's sued for copyright infringement?

Now I'm in treble

A musician was arrested...

He's in treble.

What do you call a Star Wars themed all men's acapella group?

The Treble Bass

Why do pirates like the treble in songs over the bass?

Because they like the high C's

What did the bartender say to the angry speaker?

We don't want any treble

The DJ accidently turned the bass down low.

Whoops, that was a lot of treble.

I would only play one handed in the music assessment

But then I'd be in treble

What did the band director say to the misbehaving kid?

You're in treble mister!

Treble joke, What did the band director say to the misbehaving kid?

My girlfriend played the cello and I loved it. But recently she gave up the cello and took up the violin, so I had to break up with her.

Because I'm all about that bass, no treble.

What did Robocop say when he saw Lewis adjusting the settings on the stereo in the cruiser?

"Stay out of treble."

I once attended a music concert.

My mom told me to stay out of treble.

In a school music department ...

We need to have a STAFF meeting.

You are all causing a lot of TREBLE.

And the BASS CLEF is bringing all of us down.

Music Jokes!

Jake: What did the Clarinet say to the naughty Trumpet?
Sean: What?
Jake: Why are you always in treble?

Why did the rock band get in serious treble?

They failed on a consistent bassist.

What did one stereo say to the other...

What did one stereo say to the other when he got called down to the office for having no bass?

"Oooooh you're in treble"

What do you a call a musical looney tunes character

The Tasmanian treble

Hi. My names Treble.

Nice to meet you!

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