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  1. Is it "Happy Impeachment" or "Merry Impeachment"? I don't want to offend anyone.

    Treason's Greetings and Impeach Navidad!
  2. The tree tried to kill its president. I don't know the reason for its betrayal, but I'm sure it was treason.
  3. Mueller: Please tell me why you have so many suspicious Russian connections. Trump: I have a perfectly treasonable explanation!
  4. Did you hear about the guy that got off scot-free after being accused of selling national secrets to North Korea? There was no crime or treason to it.
  5. Why do trees only give birth to daughters? Because otherwise they would be committing treason.
  6. What's the difference between Benedict Arnold and Donald Trump? Benedict Arnold was at least a war hero before committing treason.
  7. Happy treason day you ungrateful colonials. How's voting in your own leaders working out for you?
  8. What happened to the ents after they tried to kill Mother Nature? They were charged with Treason.
  9. What is Jeff Sessions's favorite Alabama cuisine? BBQ rubbed with light russian treasoning.
  10. A young man questions the authority of the US government The young man is jailed for treason.

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Treason One Liners

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  1. What do you call an Ent prince who betrays his dad? Treason
  2. What do you call it when a southerner commits treason? Betra-y'all
  3. Guy Fawkes wasn't that bad He simply crossed the line between treason and banter.
  4. You can't spell treason without 'son'
  5. Someone told me what the word "perfidy" means.. It's treason then..
  6. Why did the tree go to jail? Treason
  7. If Groot had kids, and one of them betrayed the guardians it would be treason.
  8. A dying battery attempted to kill its king... The battery was charged with high treason.
  9. What's the penalty for Treason? A book deal.
  10. How do you spell treason? TRE45ON
  11. I divulged state secrets after smoking w**... I was charged with high treason
  12. What do you call ratting out the President's daughter for smoking w**...? High treason.

Treason joke, What do you call ratting out the President's daughter for smoking w**...?

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Manafort and Cohen flip on the President. Trump is convicted of treason. He is 'hung by the neck until dead.' Miraculously, minutes after his hanging, he walks out of the gallows and addresses the press:

"Fake noose, folks."

Ivan from Russia went to an anti-war protest in St. Petersburg carrying a sign that said: Putin is insane!

So, the courts sentenced him 22 years in prison. 2 years for treason, 20 years for giving away an official state secret.

Donald Trump is convicted of treason

His punishment is hanging. On the day of his execution, the rope is tied around his neck as thousands watch. The floor drops, but Trump is unharmed. The noose was fake.

Did you hear about the politician who sold American w**... to Russian spies?

He was convicted of high treason.

Donald Trump's lawyer walks into a bar…

... And sits down next to Trump.
He says, "I'm sorry but I can't really help you. You're looking at life in prison for treason."
Frustrated, Trump pays the bartender and storms out. On his way out he accidentally bumps into Mike Pence.
He says to Pence, "Pardon me."

Whats the difference between a Russian garbanzo bean and a Russian chickpea?

A president has never been blackmailed into treason over a video of him paying to have a Russian garbanzo bean on his face.

How many capitals does Fence have?!

They always say m**... is a capital of Fence, Kidnapping is a capital of Fence, Treason is a capital of Fence... and the names? Geeze, not very inviting places.

Treason joke, If Groot had kids, and one of them betrayed the guardians