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An old man wins the lottery.

He goes to his synagogue, walks up to his rabbi and says "I want to donate 10 million dollars to the synagogue on one condition." the rabbi's eyes start to sparkle and he replies "Of course sir, whatever you wish we will do." The old man states "I want you to erect a statue of Adolf Hitler in your courtyard" The look in the rabbi's eyes turns to rage as he states "Why would you want us to commit this travesty to our people?" the old man shrugs, lifts up his sleeve and says "He gave me the winning numbers."


Asked to give a statement after a cigarette sparked a fire that burned down a sweatshop where their products were being made, Old Navy replied:

"It's a travesty. It's a truly, horrific travesty. Nobody should be allowed to sell cigarettes to children that age!"


You know what was the biggest travesty to come out of the OJ Simpson Murder Trial?

It made Kardashian a house-hold name.


"It's a damn travesty that a man can be imprisoned for his name in this country."

Said the child molester.

The judge responded: "Well Mr. Dickinson I don't think that phrase was ever meant to be applied so literally."


What do you get when you intersect two planes?

A national travesty.


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