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Why was 10 traumatized?

Because it was in the middle of 9/11.

A border patrol official comes into the Oval Office and says to Trump...

"Sir, because of the trauma of being separated from their parents, three Brazilian children fell deeply sick last night." Trump looks absolutely devastated. He sinks back in his chair, murmuring "oh my god" to himself over and over. Then he composes himself and says: "Okay. Just remind me, how many are there in a brazillion?"

Two men talking…….

Man 1: You know, I've been married twice and both my wife's died. The first one died from eating poisonous mushrooms. The second one died from blunt force trauma to the skull.

Man 2: Jesus, and how did that happen?

Man 1: She wouldn't eat her mushrooms

Trauma joke, Two men talking…….

"I hear you just got married again."

Jim: "Joe, I hear you just got married again."

Joe: "Yes, for the fourth time."

Jim: "What happened to your first three wives?"

Joe: "They all died, Jim."

Jim: "How did that happen?"

Joe: "My first wife ate poison mushrooms."

Jim: "How terrible! And your second?"

Joe: "She ate poison mushrooms."

Jim: "And your third ate poison mushrooms too?"

Joe: "Oh, no. She died of blunt head trauma."

Jim: "I see, an accident."

Joe: "Not exactly. She wouldn't eat her mushrooms."

What do you call a marijuana induced tragedy?

Blunt Trauma

Why is 10 traumatized forever?

Because he was right in the middle of 9-11.

What Do You Call It When Someone Has a Bad Experience With Weed?

Blunt trauma.

Trauma joke, What Do You Call It When Someone Has a Bad Experience With Weed?

How did the stoner die?

From blunt force trauma

Why was 10 traumatized?

Because it was in the middle of 9/11


Final exam

My psychology professor wrapped up the class and dicussed the final exam. He said there would be no excuses for not showing up, barring a health trauma or death in the immediate family. My friend Johnny smirked and asked, "What about extreme sexual exhaustion?"

After the chuckling died down, the professor replied, "Nope, you can use your other hand to write."

Did you hear about a guy who was beaten with a marijuana joint?

He suffered blunt force trauma

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Funeral homes are a great place to hit on women.

No matter how many times you punch them, they will never complain about it.

Or: They might give you the cold shoulder at first, but if you keep at it, they'll eventually warm up to you.

Or: Because of recent trauma in their lives, they are very receptive to having sex.

What do you call marijuana overdose?

Blunt-force trauma

What do you call a bad weed trip?

Blunt trauma

I had always thought becoming sterile through testicular trauma was the same as having a vasectomy

Turns out, there's a vas deferens

What do you call it when someone coerces you into smoking marijuana rolled into a cigar and it mentally scars you?

Blunt force trauma

Trauma joke, What do you call it when someone coerces you into smoking marijuana rolled into a cigar and it menta

Wow, somebody actually died from smoking too much weed

His cause of death was "Blunt Force Trauma"

Why was 10 traumatized?

He was caught in the middle of 9-11

Someone pressured me into smoking weed one time and it still scares me to this day

I call it blunt force trauma

A clinic was trialling a new, cheap way to numb a patient for surgery.

The new method involved blunt force trauma to the patient's head.

The strategy was such a success that people would line up around the block to receive the new anaesthetic.

A man asked the doctor what the line was for.

The doctor replied "that's the punchline."

Always carry a gun with you

That way if you get robbed you can just shoot your self, Inflicting years of mental trauma on them winning the fight in the long run

I had a minor accident at work...

I won't go into details, but it affected my eyes.

The left one is okay, but the other one actually suffered enough trauma to where it popped out. It was "unsalvageable", doctors said.

When they broke the news, I couldn't help but get emotional.

I knew I'd never see right again.

So i have this over the top gay friend..

He gets really screechy and table slappy when we watch hockey.

Slapping the table top and screeching in a high pitched feminine voice when his team scores a goal.

I wonder what in his past made him this way?

Was it caused by trauma?

Did he not get enough attention from his father?

Was he molested by his uncle?

Seriously people aren't just born Maple Leaf fans!

Why was 10 traumatised?

Because it was in the middle of 9/11.

If you are creating a weapon for blunt force trauma I would advise you to make it heavy and balanced while being suitable to your size and strength.

Not to put too fine a point on it.

Modern historians have a new hypothesis for what caused the death of Helen of Troy...

It was the impact trauma from her face launching a thousand ships, long before champagne was invented.

Driving test...

Friend: I just gave my driving test.

I: Did u pass it?

Friend: I don't know... I'm waiting for the instructor to return from the trauma center.

Did you read my mother's retraction of her support of the president over his hyper critical aide's tantrum at the Hindu temple?

It was my mama's Obama's trauma llama Brahma drama reclama.

I've had many traumatic experiences with Mexicans...

I don' wanna taco 'bout it.

I've heard of trauma causing blindness

like when Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles walked in on each other masturbating

Why was 10 traumatized?

Because 789.

or, because seven ate nine, and ten is next.

Why was 7 and 8 traumatized?

Because it was in the middle of 69.

Why is 10 traumatized?

Because he is in the middle of 9 11

Why was snoop dogg admitted to hospital?

He had blunt force trauma

Hey girl, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

'Cause you have significant facial trauma. You should probably see a doctor

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