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What do Nascar and a Kinko's dumpster have in common?

They're both filled with white trash.


Son we need to talk.

Son, we need to talk!

Yes, dad?

Your mother said she saw you watching inappropriate videos online. Those videos are trash, they're garbage and if you keep watching them, you'll go blind!


Yes, son?

I'm over here.

Recycling Adult Toys

"One man's trash is another man's pleasure!"

I just got dumped.

That's the last time I hide in her trash can.

jokes about trash

That half man, half horse...

Did you hear about the half man, half horse causing a ruckus downtown last night? He was kicking over trash cans, yelling at people, just going crazy. The cops finally showed up, calmed him down, and asked "Why are you doing this?" Apparently he wanted to be the centaur of attention.

I've always said that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

But apparently that's not a good way to tell a child he's adopted.

Jersey Girls aren't trash

Trash gets picked up

Trash joke, Jersey Girls aren't trash

I once walked in on my brother having sex with my girlfriend.

Needless to say I deflated her and threw her in the trash.

What's the difference between a homeless man and a trash can?

One of them gets taken in every once in a while.

One time I took a blonde girl to the movies...

We bought our tickets and waited in line for snacks. I got popcorn; she got M&M's. We got a drink to split.

We sat down during the previews. I started eating my popcorn and she opened her M&M's and dumped them all out in her lap. She carefully separated them all by color, took all the brown ones, and threw them in the trash.

"What was that about?" I asked as she returned to her seat.

She smiled and replied "Oh, I'm allergic to chocolate so I always throw the chocolate flavored ones away."

I once took out the trash for four straight months

Then we broke up.

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It's a sad moment when you realize

the trash goes out more often than you do.

What is the difference between black, morbid and brutal humor?

Black humor - 12 children in one trash can

Morbid humor - 1 children in 12 trash cans

Brutal humor - 12 trash cans in one children

I got catcalled by the garbagemen outside my house this morning...

They know a good piece of trash when they see one.

Where's your bin?

A man sees that his neigjhbnour doesn't have his wheeled trash bin.

"Hey bub, where's ya bin`"
"I took a little vacation for a few weeks,"
"No. I meant where's your bin?"
"Told ya, vacation, at the beach!"
"No man. Where's ya wheely bin?"
"Ok, fine! I've wheely been to jail! Happy now?"

Dad joke heard at the beach

Recently, I was on vacation and at a beach and a father and his kids were playing catch in the water next to me.

This kid who had to be about six or seven yells out, "dad, I'm going to try some trash talk. Ready? Your skills are as rusty as a tin can! Get it dad? *trash* talk?"

I was dying. That kid is going to make a great dad.

Trash joke, Dad joke heard at the beach

My friend threw his watch in the trash.

"Stop!" I told him, "You're wasting time!"

"One mans trash is another mans treasure" is a great quote but,

its not the best way to tell your kid that hes adopted.

My wife says I never take out the trash. I disagree.

We just had our anniversary dinner last week.

George R R Martin, dead after reaching peak popularity

Just like one of his characters.

(If this trash of a post hit the front page, the title could really mess with some GoT fans, I'm just saying)

I made a new mixtape, it was trash

Until I played it on my new galaxy note 7, then it was fire

Jimmy in the school..

One day Jimmy got home early from school and his mom asked, "Why are you home so early?" He answered, "Because I was the only one that answered a question in my class." She said, "Wow, my son is a genius. What was the question?" Jimmy replied, "The question was 'Who threw the trash can at the principal's head?'"

A hiring manager had a stack of resumes, took half, and threw them in the trash...

Coworker asks, "what are you doing!?!"

HR Manager said, "I don't like to hire unlucky people."

One mans trash...

"One man's rubbish is another man's treasure" is a fantastic Idiom.

But it's a horrible way to tell your kid that he's adopted.

The HR takes the top 20 application folders from the pile and throw it in the trash.

Those people have bad luck. We don't want people with bad luck.

Why can't you trust a garbage man who loves his job?

Because he's always talking trash.

Trash joke, Why can't you trust a garbage man who loves his job?

Have you seen the new documentary about white trash?

I've only seen the trailer.

Sweden runs out of trash to recycle...

... Where's PewDiePie when you need him.

The Imperial Wizard of the KKK was just found dead near a river in Missouri...

Man, the moment the EPA gets threatened people start dropping white trash in our water.

Girl, you must be a trash can...

Because I want to take off your top and stick my junk in you.

I took out the trash the other night...

She always insists we go out for our anniversary.

One man's trash is another Man's treasure

Is not the way to tell your son he is adopted.

Hey, girl, can you turn yourself into a trash bag?

...because I want to take you out. :)

I went into the kitchen this morning and noticed the trash was leaking

Or crying as she calls it.

Whenever I get a stack of resumes, I throw half of them in the trash

I sure don't want unlucky people on my team.

I'm done buying trash bags...

I always just end up throwing them away anyways

Wife: I have a bag full of used clothing I'd like to donate.

Husband: Why not just throw it in the trash? That's much easier.

Wife: But there are poor starving people who can really use all these clothes.

Husband: Honey, anyone who fits into your clothing is not starving.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure..."

Was a pretty terrible way for my dad to tell me I was adopted.

The Physics department in a university submits a request for an expensive piece of equipment

The university president is not pleased. "You people in the Physics Department always ask for money. You always need costly technologies. Why can't you be more like the Mathematics department? All they need is paper, pens, and trash cans. Or even better, like the Philosophy department, they need only paper and pens."

My wife told me to take out the trash...

So I took her out to dinner.

There is a time and place for decaf coffee

Never and in the trash.

Girl you look like trash...

Let me take you out

Brain fade

Friend 1: "I just threw the chocolate that I had planned on eating, in the trash can. Sometimes I think I am retarded"

Friend 2: "Oh! I do that as well"

Friend 1: "Put your chocolate in the trash can?"

Friend 2: "No. Think you are retarded"

Why do Tennesseans always wear orange?

On Saturdays they watch the Vols. On Sundays they hunt. The rest of the week they are picking up trash by the side of the road.

I bought a trash compactor for my ex-wife

Or, as Victoria Secret calls it - a corset

My dad was driving me back home from my friend's house yesterday when he threw a piece of trash out of the car

It took me a long time to walk home

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Wonderful saying, horrible way to find out that you were adopted.

My wife was cleaning the closet last week

Wife: I have a bag full of used clothing, I think I should donate them

Me: Just throw them in trash, that's much easier

Wife: But there are poor starving people who can really use all these clothes

Me: Honey, anyone who fits into your clothing is not starving.


19 talked trash about 20 and they got into a fight

Although 19 was in its prime, 21, which was odd, and so they became even.

I saw a similar joke on this thread, just added some stuff to it.

So today I started comparing myself to a trash can...

... and everything was going great until I realized that trash can actually has a purpose.

Whenever I take out the trash I always say to my wife bilbo

That way she knows to put a new baggins

If Mac users care more about the environment more than Windows users

Then why do Macs have a trash can and Windows has a recycling bin?

What's worse than a baby in the trash can?

Two babies in the trash can.

What's worse than two babies in the trash can?

A baby in two trash cans.

So I was talking to an HR manager last night and he told me "Whenever I get a pile of resumes, I take the first five and toss 'em into the trash."

"Why?" I asked.
" 'Cause I don't need people who have no luck."

I asked my neighbours if they knew who's the idiot that keeps leaving his trash bags in the elevator.

They didn't so for now I'm gonna keep doing that.

Wife: I have a bag full of dirty & used clothing I'd like to donate....!

Husband: Why not just throw these in the trash? That's much easier for you.

Wife: But there are poor starving people who can really use all these clothes with basket full satisfaction.

Husband: Honey, anyone who fits into your clothing is not starving.

I hear voices telling me to do things I don't want to do

"Take out the trash"

"Do the dishes"

"Clean the litter box"

Why did I get married?

What is worse than two children in a trash bin?

One child in two trash bins.

I cleaned my room but it still felt dirty.

I was the only piece of trash left.

What's worse than finding 2 babies in a trash can?

Finding 1 baby in two trash cans.

Whenever I have to hire people I throw half of the applications in the trash can

I don't want to hire any unlucky people

I tried to join in on #trashtag, but now I'm in jail.

Apparently it doesn't matter how annoying they are, you can't just clear out white trash.

Why should you cook kale in coconut oil?

Makes it easier to slide it right into the trash.

If Rolex had an app on PC what would be Its file name?


Sorry for the trash pun, thought about it while walking in front of rolex

Last year, kids were eating tide pods. This year, they're getting vaccines and picking up trash.

Seems that eating tide pods makes you smart!

This sub is falling apart

I knew i should have just bought some mcdonalds, Subway is trash.

How do you know if two elephants were having sex in your backyard?

Your fence is knocked down and one of your Hefty trash bags is missing.

What's the difference between me and the guy that comes by to pick up your trash once a week?

He's a garbage man, and I'm just a garbage person.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Wonderful saying, horrible way of finding out you're an orphan

What Do You Call a Broken Dumpster?

A Trash Can't.

My friend claimed that all Jersey girls are trash.

I said that isn't true, trash gets picked up.

How to make macaroni and cheese

Boil a pot of water, put pasta in water and wait until soft.

Drain water from pasta.

Go into trash can to retrieve box because you forgot how much butter to add

add butter and mix

go back into trash to retrieve box because you forgot how much milk to add

add milk and cheese and mix.

realize you left box on counter this time and throw it out again.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

Suboptimal way of letting your kids know they're adopted

It is not polite to call people White Trash

The proper label is white non-recyclables

Yeah ok it's not great but it's what I got

My mom asked me to take out the trash.

So I invited myself on a date.

One time my mother called me a son of a bitch

So I hit her because no one talks trash about my mother, then I hit myself because no one hits my mother. She then hit me because no one hits her son, and then hit herself because no one hits me, so I hit her because no one hits my mother...

"One man's trash is another man's treasure" is a great saying,

but it's a horrible way to find out that you were adopted.

Don't call me a trash picker …

I prefer to be called a *discardiologist*.

"One mans trash is another one's treasure" A great saying

But a terrible way to find out that you are adopted.

You know there's no official training for trash collectors?

They just pick things up as they go along

Why are there only two pallbearers at a politician's funeral?

There are only 2 handles on a trash can

What's the difference between dark humor and morbid humor?

Dark humor is 10 babies in a trash can.

Morbid humor is one baby in 10 trash cans.

I don't get it..Travis Scott is trash, but it seems everyone is dying to see him live


I wasn't offered any training for my new job as a trash collector, but I'm not worried.

I'll just pick it up as I go.

I needed to do the laundry, but then I realized I was out of detergent,

so I went to write a shopping list and realized how unorganized the junk drawer was, and started checking pens for ink. When I went to toss all the junk, I saw that the trash was full but before I took it out I wanted to get rid of old food in the fridge. That's when I realized a juice jug had leaked so I needed to clean it up but when I went to grab a rag, I saw that the pantry closet was a nightmare so I started organizing it.
And that's how I ended up on the floor looking at my old photo albums from 1990s and not doing laundry.

Q: What is worse than 10 babies in a trash can?

A: One baby in 10 trash cans.

Jimmy the genius son!

Jimmy got home early from school today and his mom asked: ***Why are you home so early***?
He replied: ***Because I was the only one that answered a question in my class.***
She said: ***Wow, my son is a geniusssss!*** ***What was the question?***
Jimmy replied: The question was '***Who threw the trash can at the principal's head***?'

"One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure."

It's a hell of a way to find out you were adopted.

Did you hear the phrase one man's trash is another man's treasure?

Was my favorite saying, until my parents said it to indicate I was adopted

Someone called me trash, but joke is on them.

I'm an organ donor, I'm recyclable.

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