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I didn't want to believe my father was stealing from the transportation department.

But when I got home, all the signs were there.

What's a dog's favorite mode of transportation?

A waggin'

Between all the plane crashes and their infamous driving...

I'm beginning to think Asians are just bad at transportation.

Transportation joke, Between all the plane crashes and their infamous driving...

Why did they plant trees in Harlem?

Public transportation.

A dyslexic tries to use public transportation

Whoops, wrong sub.

Who do Egyptians pray to when the public transportation breaks down?


(If you don't get it, say it slower.)

TIFU by being dyslectic and using the wrong public transportation

Whoops, wrong bus.

Transportation joke, TIFU by being dyslectic and using the wrong public transportation

How do crabs travel cheaply?

Pubic transportation

What kind of transportation does the Pope take?

Mass transit.

When King Arthur needed to arrange transportation for his trip to the desert, where did he go?

The camel lot.

What do bisexuals use for transportation?


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What do you call a county that lacks a modern telecommunications system?

"Technologically backward"

What do you call a county that lacks a fully integrated banking system?

"Economically underdeveloped."

What do you call a country that lacks a well-connected public transportation system?


Did you hear about the Florida ice company?

The company was having trouble with transportation because of the heat so they decided to liquidate the firm.

What is a pirate's favorite place to drink?

A b*arrr*!

What is a pirate's favorite mode of transportation?

A c*arrr*!

What is a pirate's favorite maritime activity?


I'm in a band called "Transportation".

We're going places.

Crabs are amazing collectivistic creatures;

they only use pubic transportation.

Transportation joke, Crabs are amazing collectivistic creatures;

What happens to a desert-dwellers main transportation when it has been parked in one spot for too long?

It gets Camel-Towed.

Did you hear about the guy with a fetish for public transportation?

He got off at every stop.

Which transportation industry was accused of having wrong intentions?

Loco-motive industry

(first post: don't be mean please)

So my dyslexia makes it hard for me to take public transportation and...

...oops. Sorry. Wrong bus.

I was working at a transportation company that specializes in construction material

I'm a screwdriver

A Frenchman and an Ethiopian got into a heated argument.

The Frenchman said, "We have better food, wine, standard of living, transportation, infrastructure, economy, and GDP than you! What do you have? Nothing!"

The Ethiopian answered, "At least we didn't surrender to the Axis!"

United Airlines should get into the rail transportation business...

...because they have the longest karma train that I've ever seen.

What does decidueye use for transportation?

A chevrowlet

Two toothpicks are hanging out in a forest,

... when all of a sudden they see a hedgehog passing by. So, one of them shrugs and goes like, "Hm, I didn't even know they had public transportation here."

[my gf's fav joke, literal translation from German]

You hear about the legendary musical duo that started a grain transportation company?

Haulin' Oats

What kind of transportation to bees use?


Roe vs Wade is in the news again.

Right now, it's the two main forms of Houston transportation

What transportation do cool kids use?

The suhh-way.

Did you hear the department of transportation is laying off thousands of workers?

They invented a shovel that stands up by itself.

A man is filling is car up with gasoline ...

And spills some on his arm. He doesn't think anything of it. A few minutes later, he lights a cigarette and his arm catches on fire. He stuck an itnout the window to try and put it out, to no avail.

A policeman sees him, pulls him over, and helps him out out the fire. Then he writes him a ticket.

Illegal transportation of a fire arm.

How did the genital wart get to work?

Pubic transportation

Talulah Riley is starting her own space transportation company

It will be called SpaceEX

What is Hades' favorite form of transportation?

Pogo Styx.

What do you call a bus full of gender fluid people?

Public trans-portation

TIFU by boarding public transportation when I realized that the driver was a nun.

Whoops, wrong bus.

Because of my dyslexia, sometimes I get lost when I use public transportation.

Oops sorry. Wrong bus.

In all his years of using public transportation, Jared Fogle's only been able to get off of one specific stop


How did crabs get around Atlantis?

Pubic transportation

Motorbikes are ideal transportation for people that don't intend to have children.

They wouldn't even let me bring our newborn home from the hospital.

If everyone saw the world through my eyes

there'd be widespread fatalities in transportation and medicine not to mention mass panic as everyone started falling over and bumping into stuff

What's the saddest form of transportation?

A moped.

A mushroom forager sank to new lows for his hunt.

He stole a car for transportation and trespassed on private property to hunt on. Nevertheless his hunt was unsuccessful. He had no morels.

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