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I wonder if mormons support the transgendered?

If they did, they could go on a transmission!

-- authentic dadjoke overheard at breakfast

Obama calls for greater truck control laws.

Apparently the the truck in France had a fully automatic transmission.

A man goes to the mechanic.

He says "My car goes rr- rr-rr-"
The mechanic says "Yes, the transmission probably needs replacing."

The man frowns and says "My car goes rr-rr-rr-"
The mechanic says "Yes, the transmission probably needs replacing."

The man looks angry and says "Would you l-let me ff-finish! I have a ss-stutter. My car goes rr-rr-rr-really slowly uphill!"

The mechanic says "Yes, the transmission probably needs replacing."

(Credit Lee Mack)

Transmission joke, A man goes to the mechanic.

What car transmission do Mexicans use?


What does a car and a person seeking a sex change have in common?

a transmission

A First Mate turns to his Captain and says...

"Captain! There is a light ahead and we are receiving a transmission that we should veer to the left."

The Captain grabbed the radio and said, "This is a fully armed battleship. Veer right or be destroyed."

The voice on the radio responded, "This is a lighthouse. Your move."

What's it called when a spy gets a sex change and then goes out on a job?

A transmission

(Be kind I made this up in like 2 minutes at work)

Transmission joke, What's it called when a spy gets a sex change and then goes out on a job?

Car Talk

So a transmission asks an engine, "Yo Engine, hows things with you today?" and the engine replies "Oh you know, just another day in the hood..."

Why couldn't 1 Ford Focus give the other Ford Focus a message?

Broken transmission.

"Having my owner carjacked was bad enough." said one car to the other. "But you know what really grinds my gears?"

The idiot didn't know how to drive a manual transmission!

Why did Soviet dictator always drive an automatic transmission?

He was always Stalin in his manual!

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How much HIV is in a typical transmission?

A buttload.

You know what grinds my gears?

When I'm low on transmission fluid.

How do you call a quest for transgender people?

a transmission

What part of the car switches genders?

The transmission

Caitlyn Jenner has an assignment from the Military

I guess you could call it a Transmission

Transmission joke, Caitlyn Jenner has an assignment from the Military

How do you know all cars have an LGBT agenda?

All of them have a transmission.

What kind of transmission do German cars have?


Why did the witch get a car with manual transmission?

Because she prefers to drive stick!

As a Volkswagen Engineer, do you know what really grinds my gears?

The Tiptronic transmission, actually, but I invented these noise cancelling headphones!

Is a transmission anything like a gay agenda?

I don't know anything about cars.

Driving an automatic transmission car is like riding a bike

Only two pedals

How can you tell a car is from Spain?

It has Manuel transmission.

What do you call a religous journey involving gender dysphoria?

A transmission.

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