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Top 10 of the Funniest Transgendered Jokes and Puns

I wonder if mormons support the transgendered?

If they did, they could go on a transmission!

-- authentic dadjoke overheard at breakfast

To further gender equality, I think it's time we have our first transgendered superheroes.

The Ex-Men.

Chris Brown came out as transgendered today

He figures if he can't beat em may as well join em

Transgendered joke, Chris Brown came out as transgendered today

A slightly overweight transgendered person walks into a health food store

the manager instantly runs up and tells her to leave the store, "why?" she asks confusedly, the manager points angrily at a sign on the door

"No trans fats"

(I dont mean to offend anyone, I just heard this from a trans friend.)

What is it called when a group of transgendered people have a specific goal?

A trans mission

Why are so many plants transgendered?

Because plants have less stygma to stamen.

What do you call a door that transgendered people walk through?

A trap door.

Transgendered joke, What do you call a door that transgendered people walk through?

Why are so many plants transgendered?

Because they don't feel the stygma to stamen.

What do people call themselves if they no longer identify as transgendered?


Say, did you hear the one about the trans-gendered expatriate?

Spent most of his life abroad.

Transgendered children grow up fast...

Mine usually tucks herself in.

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We've all heard the old joke 'how many Jews can you fit in a car?', well how many trans-gendered people can you fit in a car?

Well that depends... are they Jewish?

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