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Why shouldn't you take the Fourier transform of a square pulse while on a boat?

Because you don't wanna sinc!

2 Transformers got married

Soon thereafter, they had a baby Transformer. But at that moment when they had a baby, they suddenly could not be seen anymore.

They had become Transparents.

A Transformer Baby!

Few Kids and a pregnant lady was standing at Bus stop..

kid: "What are you expecting?"
The girl says, "A bus."
The kid turns to his friend and says: "Wow! I am 100% sure this chick got screwed by a Transformer

Transform joke, A Transformer Baby!

When Transformers was filmed in Detroit

Michael Bay had to use CGI to repair buildings

Subway really has helped Jared transform himself

Ever since he starting eating it he's been able to get into smaller and smaller pants.

What vocation can transform anything into a gate?

A reporter.

What do you call it when a signal processing firm quickly remodels their entryway?

A fast foyer transform!

Transform joke, What do you call it when a signal processing firm quickly remodels their entryway?

What's a polar bear?

A rectangular bear after a coördinate transform.

Why do werewolves only transform at full moon?

Because it is just a phase after all.

If you were a transformer

If you were a transformer you would be called Optiumus Fine.

Between transformers

One transformer said to the other "hey nice shoes"

The other then replied, with a grin on his face "thank you, they're... vans"

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Which Way Do Transformers Put The Toilet Paper?

Autobots Roll Out!

I read that having sex every day for a year could transform your marriage.

It worked so well I'm thinking of suggesting it to my wife.

An Englishman wants to transform into an Irish.

He inquires the expert doctor about alternatives.

**Doc**: "We will have to remove the right half of your brain."

**Patient**: "Alright. Let's go through with it."

(The next day, after the procedure...)

**Doc**: "There were serious complications during the operation.

We had to remove your entire brain. There is of course the option of installing a monkey brain."

**Patient**: "Non, non, non. -C'est magnifique!"

Went to a transformers convention today.

Boy are my arms tires.

Do Transformers get car insurance or life insurance?

Neither because they live in America.

Transform joke, Do Transformers get car insurance or life insurance?

What do transformers take in order to prevent having babies?


What's the difference between a freshman and a senior electrical engineering student?

A Fourier transform.

The suffix "ize" means to transform, render, or make into...

So doesn't that mean that sex change doctors are womanizers?

I've discovered a herb that can transform even the blandest foods into gourmet delights.

It's called marijuana.

What's the name of the Transformer that likes to shop?

Amazon Prime

What transformer loves to paint?

Optimus Primer.

Does anyone know in which page of the Bible explains how... transform water into wine?

Asking for a friend.

Which Transformer has the best deals?

Amazon Prime

How to transform a tin can into a glass container.

Leave it ajar.

Why can't Transformers buy stuff on eBay?

The captcha got them

What's the transformers favorite dip?

Opthummus Prime

What is Transformers BumbleBee's favorite coffee?

A Chevro-latte!

Transformers: More than meets the eye.

Trans-formers: your mom's now a guy.

I asked a math major freshman friend this morning, "So what's your four-year plan in college?"

ohhh you mean my Four-Year Transform or Four-Year Series?

Which transformer fell down the stairs?


The Transformer formerly known as RoboCop...

Stoptimus Crime

Where does a transformer get his glasses from?

Optometrist Prime

A girl I liked was giving me mixed signals

So I calculated Fourier transform.

What transformer is made out of cardboard and shows up in two days?

Amazon prime

Robert Pattinson is the worst vampire ever.

It took him 12 years to transform into a bat.

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