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Are you in need of a good laugh? Look no further! This article takes an unexpected look at tragedy from ancient Greece and how it can be a source of lighthearted humor. With examples of unfortunate events which resulted with the death of beloved characters and the mourning that followed, these jokes provide an unexpected perspective.

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Funniest Tragedy Short Jokes

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  1. The US is having so many disasters and tragedies Youd almost think it was built on top of thousands of ancient indian burial grounds.
  2. People should really stop making jokes about major tragedies. My Dad died on 9/11... He was the best pilot in Saudi Arabia...
  3. NBC is contemplating a new TV series titled "Airline Tragedies." They are putting the pilot together right now.
  4. Why is Alzheimer's better than Parkinson's? Because it's no big deal to forget a beer but a tragedy to spill a beer.
  5. My teacher asked me what a main feature of a greek tragedy was.... Apparently Bankruptcy was the wrong answer.
  6. William Shakespeare died before completing the final act of his last play. It was a real tragedy.
  7. New Series For The The History Channel The History Channel is planning a new series, Airline Tragedies.
    They are putting the pilot together as I write this.
  8. Why are you so funny? Person 1: Why are you so funny?
    Person 2: Well, comedy = tragedy + time...
  9. In congested traffic, it's best to stay on the right side of the road. It'd be a real tragedy if you were on the wrong side.
  10. Did you hear about the shooting at the school for blind, deaf mutes? It was truly a senseless tragedy.

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Tragedy One Liners

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  1. 9/11 was a national tragedy. So is 11/9.
  2. They say jokes lessen tragedy Is that why my parents became comedians after having me?
  3. What do you get when you combine tragedy and comedy? American politics.
  4. A single injury is a tragedy.... ...a million injuries is just a sadistic.
  5. Did you hear the tragedy of the cameraman in the church? It was a mass shooting.
  6. Why do emo kids not like Shakespeare? Because they write sins not tragedies...
  7. How long does it take for a national tragedy to become funny? About 9-11 years
  8. What animal never forgets national tragedies? the nine-elephant
  9. I just saw Shakespeare's Coriolanus He piled on the tragedy
  10. A bald guy killed all the barbers in my town Boy, that was a hair raising tragedy
  11. If people are drawn to tragedy... Then why is my life so empty?
  12. Tragedy plus time... ... equals that clock tower that collapsed onto that hospital
  13. An American dude walks into a bar We are following this developing tragedy
  14. Here is Oliver North's statement on today's tragedy Its Clobberin Time.
  15. I have a question... Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?

Greek Tragedy Jokes

Here is a list of funny greek tragedy jokes and even better greek tragedy puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • My gender studies class has a module on sexism in Ancient Greek Tragedy. We're looking at problematic portrayals of women in the Medea.
  • What Greek tragedy was written by a neckbeard? [Tips fedora]
Tragedy joke, What Greek tragedy was written by a neckbeard?

Laughable Tragedy Jokes for Instant Grins & Giggles

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A two person plane crashes into a cemetery.

Police have released a statement saying that its the worse tragedy they have seen in years. So far they have found over 600 dead with fears of the number increasing as digging continues in the morning.

I have seen this one on here before but nobody ever gets it right...

A baby seal walks into a club
What a tragedy....

Tragedy in Poland

The worst air disaster in Poland's history occurred today when a two-seat Cessna 120 crashed into a cemetery.
So far 374 bodies have been found.
Polish search and rescue officials indicate that the number will probably rise as they continue to dig.

So on the morning of 9/11 then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf rang up Bush

Musharraf - "Mr President, I would like to express my condolences to you. It is a real tragedy. So many people, such great buildings... I would like to assure that we had nothing in connection with that..
Bush - "What buildings? What people?"
Musharraf - "Oh, what time is it in America now?"
Bush - "It's eight in the morning."
Musharraf - "Oops... Will call back in an hour."

Difference between a tragedy and a disaster

A boy asks his dad the difference between tragedy and a disaster. The father answers "a tragedy is if we were on a boat and your mother falls off the boat into the water". "So what's a disaster" asks the boy, "if your mother knows how to swim" says the father.
Sorry for my poor English, this joke is translated

Have you heard about the tragedy of Canada?

The tragedy of Canada is that we could have had English culture, French cuisine, and American technology. Instead we have American culture, English cuisine, and French technology.

[A non-anti-semitic Jewish Joke]: In 1939, a Jewish man walked past a cafe in Berlin and saw a fellow Jew sitting outside reading Der Stürmer.

The passerby was shocked.
"How can you read such horrible stuff?" he wanted to know.
"All the other papers," the man quietly explained, "are filled with Jewish tragedy. But in *this* paper, it's just the opposite. It says we Jews control absolutely everything. I find it rather reassuring!"

Tragedy in Eastern Canada

Canada's Worst Air Disaster occurred earlier today when a Cessna 152, a small two-seater plane, crashed into a cemetery early this morning in central Newfoundland.
Newfie search and rescue workers have recovered 826 bodies so far, and expect that number to climb as searching continues through the evening.

Did you hear about the tragedy at the Hipster company's work retreat?

There were several hundred casual tees.

What do you call a m**... induced tragedy?

Blunt Trauma

Why do we all marry?

Why do we all marry? - because romance is not the only element of life, we should also know horror, t**..., suspense, irony, stupidity and tragedy of life!

I saw a billboard the other day for a sports team called the Chicago Fire.

it made me wonder just how long it takes before you can name a team after a tragedy.
it'd be like naming a football team "the New York Jets."

Air tragedy in Newfoundland...

A two-seater single engine Cessna 152 crashed in foggy conditions near the Gander airport, crashing into the nearby cemetery.
Newfie rescue squads have recovered 385 bodies so far, and that number is expected to climb as digging continues.

Donald Trump's Library Burned Down...

In a disastrous fire that destroyed Trump's library huge damages were sustained and all his books were lost. The real tragedy is that he hadn't finished coloring one yet!

What do you call it when Christopher Walken uses too much punctuation?

"...a, Tragedy, of, the Commas!"

Did you hear about the tragedy in France?

I was very confused reading headlines saying, "Nice attack, 78 dead".

Roses are red, blue is the sky...........

Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

They say comedy equals tragedy plus time, but who has time for that?

That's the whole joke... sorry... Have a haiku?
Life is but a joke
Behind everybody's face
Skulls smile agreement

Did you hear the news that Trump's personal library burnt down?

Unfortunately, both books were permanently destroyed.
Do you know the what the real tragedy is?
He didn't even finish colouring the second one.

I tried to learn more about the tragedy that happened on the mime family

But they don't wanna talk about it.

If there's a lesson to be learned from the Oscar Pistorius tragedy,

It's that cyborgs are not to be trusted.

An amputee missing an arm and a leg walks up to a stranger and shouts

"I lost my left arm and left leg!!!"
The stranger says, "My god what a tragedy!"
The amputee says; "I'm all right."

A solicitor walks up to a car

...and says,
"Good afternoon, have you heard the news? There is a tragedy happening. Terrorists kidnapped our President Donald Trump. If they don't receive $100 million in ten hours, they say they will soak Trump in gasoline and set him on fire! And that's why I and others are going around and asking people to donate what they can. Would you like to make a contribution?"
The driver responds,
"Okay, you can take a gallon."

I asked a Republican about gun control...

He said, "It's bad to politicize today's tragedy! It's too soon to discuss last week's tragedy. It's a bit late to discuss last month's tragedy."

Thoughts and prayers are useless. Only action will prevent future tragedy.

We have only one choice to make sure there are no future school shootings:
Ban all schools.

My ex-wife was born on Sept 11, which ending up being remembered for the national tragedy that happened that day.

And then fifteen years later the Twin Towers were destroyed.

If a comedy is something that makes you laugh and a tragedy is something that cry, what's a dramady?

I believe it's a type of camel.

There was s tragedy at my father's f**....

A coffin bearer dropped dad.

Did y'all hear about the Italian chef that died?

He pasta way, but his legacy will become a pizza history. I'm sending olive my thought and prayers to his family. How sad that he ran out of thyme, here today gone tomato, we cannoli do so much. I never sausage a tragedy.

Tragedy at the Guiness brewery

p**... O Reilly works at the Guiness brewery, one day Mrs O Reilly gets a knock on the door, it's the manager.....he tells her there was a terrible accident and her husband drowned in a vat of Guiness.
She is devastated and finally manages to s**......please tell me he went quickly and didnt suffer.
The manager replied, I'm afraid not, in fact he got out 3 times to pee

The biggest tragedy in Star Wars is their lack of information on one of their greatest unsung heroes.

I mean, he brought the Rebels the plans for the second Death Star before he died, but that is all we know about Manny Bothans.

Some call people dying from not vaccinating a needless tragedy…

I call it a Needle-less tragedy

A great tragedy befalls the USSR

At a Central Committee meeting dozens of high ranking officials were accidentally killed, poisoned with toxic mushrooms in their soup.
The investigation team arrives at the scene. It was horrific, some had scratched their throats deeply, other lay with foam at they mouth or bloodshot eyes.
But the investigation teams discovers something interesting, three of the dead had gun shot wound to their heads.
"What happened here, we thought this was a poisoning?"
"It was, but these three refused to eat their soup."

Tragedy at the Guinness factory

One night, a woman answers the door to see her husband's best friend, p**..., standing on the doorstep.
Hello p**..., where is my husband? He said he was going to the Guinness factory with you.
p**... shakes his head. Ah, Mrs McMillen, there was a terrible accident at the factory, your husband fell into a vat of Guinness and drowned.
Mrs McMillen starts crying. Oh don't tell me that, did he at least go quickly?
p**... shakes his head. Not really – he got out three times to go to the toilet.

My bully got hit by a car

Some people call it a tragedy, I call it getting your moneys worth

Tragedy joke, My bully got hit by a car

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