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The US is having so many disasters and tragedies

Youd almost think it was built on top of thousands of ancient indian burial grounds.

People should really stop making jokes about major tragedies. My Dad died on 9/11...

He was the best pilot in Saudi Arabia...

What are the three biggest tragedies in a man's life?

Life sucks, job sucks and the wife doesn't.

NBC is contemplating a new TV series titled "Airline Tragedies."

They are putting the pilot together right now.

New Series For The The History Channel

The History Channel is planning a new series, Airline Tragedies.

They are putting the pilot together as I write this.

The assassination of John Lennon is one of the biggest tragedies in music

Not even one of the five bullets hit Yoko Ono

My english teacher asked us to write down tragedies from our lives

I chose to write down sins instead.

why do people keep putting flag overlays on their avatar when tragedies happen?

like i've seen it happen with france, brussels, gay marriage

Why do emo kids not like Shakespeare?

Because they write sins not tragedies...

What animal never forgets national tragedies?

the nine-elephant

People should really stop making jokes about major tragedies. My grandpa died in Auschwitz...

He fell off a watchtower

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