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Why did the tractor sell medicines?

Because it was a farm assist!

... I'm sorry...


So there was this guy who was a fan of tractors. He had posters of it everywhere. He had his own tractor business, married a beautiful wife. The whole 9 yards.

One day his wife died from a tractor accident. Heartbroken he got rid of his business, his posters, everything tractor related.

Few years later he goes on a date. The restaurant starts smoking and he says "Darling wait i got this". He s**... in all the smoke goes outside and blows it away. Everyone starts applauding and his date asks "How did you do that?". The guy says: "Im an extractor fan"

What's the difference between a weatherman and an overweight doctor that handles the urinary tract?

One's a meteorologist and the other's a meaty urologist.

Tractors (Long?)

A man really likes tractors and collects models all day, one day he decides to get rid of all the models and move on.

It just so happens he comes across a building filled with smoke and people running out, he runs into the building attempting to pull out others, people try to dissuade him.

"Don't go in!"

"It's OK, I'm an extractor fan!"

How do you know God didn't program the human digestive tract in C#?

It ends with a whole colon instead of a semicolon.

An eagle is flying over the Grand Canyon when it spies a frog by a stream.

The eagle swoops down and swallows the frog whole, flying off with a full stomach. Somehow the frog makes it through the eagle's digestive tract and pokes his head out of the eagle's a**....

The frog takes a look around and yells back at the eagle: "Hey eagle. About how high up are we?

The eagle yells back, "Oh about 10,000 feet."

The frog replies, "Really? You wouldn't s**... me now, would you?"

Watson: what is another name for the digestive tract?

Holmes: Alimentary, my dear Watson.

Tract joke, Watson: what is another name for the digestive tract?

Tractor ain't working

A horse peed on my tractor the other day and now it won't run. Seems it's come down with a urinary tractor infection.

Others change, but you should be yourself!

said one corn to another in the digestive tract

In pottery class I made a container to hold flowers that is patterned after part of the male reproductive tract.

That's right, it's my Vase Deferens.

Why did the tractor trailer mechanic always have half an e**...?

Because he was constantly nursing a semi.

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What do you call a urinary tract infection caused in a v**...?

Immaculate Infection

What did the urologist say when she suddenly discovered a cure for Urinary Tract Infections?


Why did the tractor not want to work?

Because it was harrowing.

What do you call a hamburger that studies the urinary tract?

A Meaty Urologist

Which tractor can be used below the sea?

A Subtractor

Tract joke, Which tractor can be used below the sea?

I saw an ad about this tractor which wheels can spin 180 degrees without it moving.

I guess you can call it a.. pro tractor

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