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  1. I've met a track and field athlete that commonly chokes whenever he runs too fast, It became a running gag for him.
  2. My essay question is: "The best Track and Field event is the one where they throw the circular object as far as they can." "Discus."
  3. Track and field is perfect for introverts. The goal is the be there the shortest time possible.
  4. My track and field team complained that the hurdles were too short But I'm not worried, they'll get over it
  5. Three men go into a bar... but the fourth guy cleared it. Looks like he's taking home the gold medal!
    I love a good track & field competition.
  6. How is a track and field athlete like an American soldier? They're both good at using javelins.
  7. Ever since I was young, I always used to run away from my problems It was no surprise when I got accepted to my college's track and field sports team
  8. Oldie.....Mexico will never win an Olympic medal in swimming or track and field..... ... because every Mexican who can run, jump or swim lives in the United States.
  9. All the refugees at the Olympics are competing in Track & Field. I guess the ones that weren't good at running didn't make it.

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  1. Enemies of Russia enjoy which track and field sport the most? Shot Putin.
  2. If you take acid at a track meet... is it a field trip?
  3. What are the most athletic rodents?
    Track and field mice.
  4. How do track and field athletes stay buff? Lapping compound
  5. Why aren't there any Politically Correct Track and Field athletes They don't see race
  6. Keep your daughters away from Olympic Track and Field events: Doctor's orders.
  7. What's a fat kids favourite instrument? The dinner bell
  8. Why should you take Track & Field early on? cause it's good in the long run

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Confusion reigns at the Olympics

A young journalist walked up to a track and field athlete who was warming up for his event to get an interview.
Not entirely sure of the athlete's discipline he asks, "Are you a polevaulter?"
The athlete replied, "Nein, I'm German, but how did you know my name is Walter?"

Three blondes were walking through a field when they came across a set of tracks.
The first blonde looked down at the tracks and said, "I think they could be bird tracks."
The second blonde went to look and said, "No, I think these are deer tracks."
They stepped aside and the third blonde went over to the tracks.
She looked down, then got run over by the train!


I had this strange dream the other night, July 7th to be exact. I was alone in this wide open field, and on this field was a large number seven. This confused me, and woke me up, I looked at the clock and sure enough it was seven o'clock. I thought this was strange but didn't think too much into it, that was until I hailed a taxi and, of course it was number seven as well. I got to thinking, how can I use this to my advantage? So I went to the local horse track, and in the seventh race of the day, there was a horse named Lucky Number Seven, so I placed my bet and wouldn't you know it,
He came in seventh.

[Long]Three Toronto surgeons were playing golf together

and discussing surgeries they had performed..
One of them said, "I'm the best surgeon in Ontario. In my favorite case, a concert pianist lost seven fingers in an accident; 
I reattached them, and 8 months later he performed a private concert for the Queen of England.
The second surgeon said.. "That's nothing. A young man lost an arm and both legs in an accident; 
I reattached them, and 2 years later he won a gold Medal in track and field events in the Olympics.
The third surgeon said, "You guys are amateurs . Several years ago a man was high on c**... and m**... 
and he rode a horse head-on into a train traveling 80 miles an hour. 
All I had left to work with was the man's  blonde hair and the Horse's a**.... 
I was able to put them together and now he's running for President of the U..S.A!"