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Funniest Toyota Short Jokes

Short toyota jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The toyota humour may include short vehicle jokes also.

  1. What kind of car is the same frontward and backward? A Toyota.
    First post ever on Reddit. I hope I did it right.
  2. Why does the Toyota Prius have more accidents on record than any other car? It's really hard to drive safe while patting yourself on the back.
  3. I have a Toyota Highlander. My wife said she wanted one too. I told her no. In the end, there can be only one.
  4. A Chevy Silverado, a GMC Sierra, a Ford F150, a RAM 1500, and a Toyota Tacoma are driving in convoy Best pickup line ever
  5. My reddish-brown Toyota minivan caught on fire yesterday It's a burnt burnt sienna Sienna.
  6. I use to own a Pontiac Trans Am, then I got a Honda Civic, and now I have a Toyota Prius That is my Auto-biography.
  7. Promised my wife a flashy car and she was so excited. You should have seen her face light up when she saw I'd strapped a strobe light to her Toyota.
  8. What do you call a green-skinned, pointy-eared Star Wars action figure driving a Japanese car? A toy Yoda driving a Toyota.
  9. Hey girl, are you a Toyota Prius? Because when I'm inside of you I'm not quite sure if you're turned on or not.
    ...somebody date me.
  10. Officer pulled me over and asked "Are you driving drunk?" I politely replied "Nay! Toyota"

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Toyota One Liners

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  1. Can a Toyota stretch? No, but a Mercedes-Benz
  2. I saw a Star wars action figure in a Corolla today It was a toy Yoda in a Toyota
  3. Get your free tetanus shot today at your local junkyard! Sponsored by Pfizer and Toyota.
  4. My new Toyota is going to be in a new movie . . . Just a small part. It's just a Camryo.
  5. What do you get a car lover and Star Wars fan? A Toyota
  6. I used to drive a Toyota.... .... But then I got a job.
  7. What kind of car does the president of the palindrome society own? A Toyota
  8. 2% of Japanese have cataracts... The rest drive Toyota and Nissan.
  9. Obama walks into a Toyota dealership And tries to by a Legacy...
  10. What is the band Foreigner's favourite car to drive? A Toyota 4 -Runner
  11. Why can you never trust second-hand Toyota dealers? They've got previas.
  12. Car analogies are the Toyota Corollas of linguistic comparisons.
  13. Hey guys, I can give you a couple of reliable pickup lines. Ford, Toyota, Chevy.
  14. What do you call a sad Toyota? A Sigh-on.
  15. What type of car do elves drive? A toy-ota

Toyota Corolla Jokes

Here is a list of funny toyota corolla jokes and even better toyota corolla puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Did you hear Toyota won't be making Corollas any longer? They say they're long enough as is.

Toyota Prius Jokes

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  • If I buy a Prius, I'll make sure to put a bobblehead Yoda figurine on the dash Then I'll have a toy Yoda in my Toyota.
  • So I heard Toyota has been focusing less on their hybrid cars They've put them on low prius
Toyota joke, So I heard Toyota has been focusing less on their hybrid cars

Toyota joke, So I heard Toyota has been focusing less on their hybrid cars

Comical & Quirky Toyota Jokes for a Roaring Good Time

What funny jokes about toyota you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean ford jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make toyota pranks.

3 men were waiting in line to enter heaven

The angel at the gate asks the first man
"how many times did you cheat on your wife?" "10 times" the man answers. The angel gives him the keys to a 2010 Toyota Camry "this is how you will drive around heaven".
The second man says he cheated on his wife 5 times, the angel gives him a 2018 Lexus and let's him in.
The third man says he never cheated on his wife, he gets a 2021 Rolls Royce.

A few days later the 3 men meet and the man in the Rolls Royce is very sad, the men ask him what's wrong, he replys "I just saw my wife riding around on a scooter.

A Japanese businessman hails a taxi...

As they go along the highway, a car zooms past by.
"Oooh," exclaims the businessman, "that's a Toyota. Made in Japan, very fast!"
Moments later, another car speeds ahead.
"Ahhhhh," exclaims the businessman again, "a Nissan! Made in Japan too, also very fast!"
Then once more, another car rushes ahead.
"Oooooh," exclaims the businessman, "a Mitsubishi! Made in Japan and very fast again!"
Then they reach their destination.
"Why bill so big?!" complained the Japanese.
"Meter's made in Japan," replied the driver. "Very fast!"

Gambling in Vegas

My friend came back from Las Vegas once. He told me the slot machines are easy to win big at. He went to town in a $20,000 Nissan, left in a $360,000 Porsche.
I thought "nice, I'm going to get in on that." So I left for Vegas in my $30,000 Toyota. Came back in a $800,000 vehicle.
A Greyhound bus.

I've been having trouble meeting girls, so I asked my dad for some advice. He said that if I wanted to break the ice, the next time I go out, I should use this pickup line...

"Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, GMC Sierra, Honda Ridgeline..."

"How can you watch Victoria Secret Fashion Week but still claim you love only me?" My wife asked

" The same way I watch Formula One whole weekend but still drive my trusted 2012 Toyota Camry everyday" I replied..
That satisfied her...
I just failed to mention I take rental at Enterprise when I go on business trips

A man forgot to zip his trousers...

so a lady told him politely...
Sir your garage is open.
The man gave her a naughty smile and zipped his trousers and asked..
Did you see my Range Rover parked inside?
The lady smiled back and said..
No, just one small Toyota with two flat tires.

A jewish man's wife dies

So he decides to place an obituary in the newspaper, and phones their agent.
"Just put 'Sarah died' in the paper."
"But Sir, for the same money of only one line, you can add another four words!"
"Oh. Let me think about that.."
He phones back a few minutes later and says
"Put in the paper: 'Sarah died. Toyota Corolla for sale' .."

Pinocchio is being interrogated by police

Police Officer: Were you going 60 miles on a 40 mile road?
Pinocchio: Noooooooo
Police Officer: But didn't an officer flag you down?
Pinocchio: Noooooooooooooo
Police Officer: Your car is the red Toyota right?
Pinocchio: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo
Police Officer: Why the long no's?

Toyota joke, Hey guys, I can give you a couple of reliable pickup lines.

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