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  1. Why can't you have more than 99 people listen to toto's Africa at once? Its something that 100 men or more could never do
  2. Why wasn't toto as excited as dorothy when they traveled the yellow brick road? he missed the rains down in africa
  3. The Wizard of Oz takes on a whole new plot when you look at it from Toto's perspective... ... as much as Dorothy misses Kansas, Toto misses the rains down in Africa.
  4. I want to hear 99 people sing "Africa" by Toto... ...It's something that a hundred men or more could never do

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  1. Is Africa by Toto country music? No it's continent music.
  2. If Dorothy missed Kansas, what did Toto miss? They missed the rains down in Africa
  3. What is the opposite of gay water? Africa by Toto
  4. What do you call it when Arnold Schwarzenegger remembers the lyrics to Africa Toto recall
  5. What's experienced when someone remembers the singer of Africa? Toto recall
  6. What is Dorothy's favorite song of all time? "Africa" by Toto.

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Classic Rock and Roll Trivia

I learned today that 3 of the guys who performed on "Rosanna" and "Africa" also played on "Dust in the Wind". Music journalist asked them why they joined the new band and they said
"Toto? We aren't in Kansas anymore".

Everyone is familiar with the story of the Wizard of Oz, right?

Dorothy and her dog get flown away in a tornado, and end up in the magical land of Oz. Obviously Dorothy misses her family and home, but her dog, Toto, he misses the rains down in Africa."