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The lockdown is costing us billions every day! Should we really push this debt on the next generation?

Let me remind you of the average age of a Tory voter. We can not afford to lose them.

We had a mandatory meeting at work today

Tory and Amanda weren't even there!!!!

For someone who's name is Amanda Victoria

A nickname is Manda Tory

Operation Tory

A Tory MP woke up in hospital after a serious operation and found that the curtains around him were drawn. He called for a nurse and asked "why are the curtains closed, Is it night"?
The nurse replied "No it's just that there's a fire across the street and we didn't want you to think the operation was unsuccessful".

Buckingham Palace say the Queen will interrupt her annual stay in Balmoral in Scotland to hold an audience with the incoming new prime minister.

Creaking a bit, with limited mobility, but still doggedly in charge, the Tory party gets its new leader on September 5th.

At the laboratory, what did they name their first experimental subject?

Lab rat Tory

My friend said to me 'The Tory party is just cuts after cuts after cuts!'...

... I told him 'You're one letter off.'

Does anyone know how to cancel eBay bids?

I bid Β£10 on a cowboy outfit and I'm about 5 minutes away from owning the Tory Party.

What do you call a political conservative woman who is required to always be there?

Amanda Tory

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