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  1. Why did Apple add that weird cutout at the top of the iPhone X? I guess they just wanted to create a truly top notch phone. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Did you guys read the book about the midget that hung himself with a belt? I heard it was top notch
  3. iPhone X is top notch! Of course it's top... 'NOTCH'.
  4. Oneplus 6? Top Notch.
  5. I just bought an iPhone X It's a good phone but the screen is top notch!
  6. I love minecraft That game is top notch!
  7. Say what you will about h**...... ...but their education system is top notch. Over 90% of the children in Gaza become "Rocket Scientists".

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  1. The iPhone X Is a top-notch smartphone
  2. Everybody loves the iPhone X, XS and 11 Pro... Because their top notch
  3. I guess you could say the iPhone X... Really has a top-notch display
  4. Have to give it the iPhone x It's display is top notch
  5. I love the iPhone X It's top notch
  6. My doctor said my sprem count was top notch "Well It's hand made"
  7. How's the iPhone X design? Top notch!
  8. What did the obese man say about the belt he'd recently purchased? "Top notch".
  9. Some people say the Iphone X screen is ugly... But I think it's top notch.
  10. Why do most phone displays now have a notch? Because they're "top notch" displays.
  11. I bought the new iPhone yesterday My friend said it's the "top notch" phone!!
  12. I really want to get the IPhone X I hear it's top-notch
  13. I just used the iPhone X for the first time and it is.. Top Notch
  14. Rudy Guiliani is a top-notch lawyer I'd easily give him a 9/11
  15. Asked my dad how his new iPhone was "Top notch"

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Lindsey Graham gets new suit

On a Senate trip to Japan, Lindsey Graham picked up some silk to have a custom suit made. At a top notch tailor shop in South Carolina, the tailor said with the material, he could make a single breasted suit.
Graham decided to wait, took the material to a tailor in New York who told him he could make a double breasted suit, a vest, and an extra pair of pants.
He asked, "How can you do so much more with this material than the tailor in South Carolina?"
"Well, senator, I guess you're not as big up here."

Adolf h**... walks into a bar.....

The owner, surprised to see the German leader at his bar, asks if he'd like his top-notch bourbon on the house. No thanks, h**... replies. I'll just take a screwdriver. One screwdriver turned into 10 before Adolf called it quits and headed home.
The next night, h**... returned to the bar, but this time takes up the owner's offer on the bourbon. Even the best v**... can make a man sick if he's had too many, says the owner. It wasn't the v**..., h**... replies. It's the juice.